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Moreover, Youyou and Little Yichens mouths were sweet with their greetings.

How could she bear to reject them

Even if they were just asking for an omen of good luck, she had to be generous with the red packets!

Xiang Yu was taken aback as she bit her lower lip uneasily.

She had never thought that these two kids would directly ask her for red packets in front of everyone!


She originally thought that Yun Shishis children were taught the rules from young not to ask for red packets directly.

Therefore, she reckoned that she would be able to get by without giving one!

She was strapped for cash recently, after all.

If not for being in a difficult situation, why would she shamelessly come here for a New Years Eve reunion meal

Even the money they used for the cab was shamelessly borrowed from Yun Yecheng!

These two boys were clearly trying to make fun of her by asking for red packets at a time like this!

She was momentarily at a loss on what to do.

Seeing how she was stunned on the spot, not taking out any red packets even after a while, the younger boys expression collapsed as he said in disappointment, “It couldnt be that grandaunt did not prepare our red packets, could it So petty!”

The older one covered his mouth with his hand as he laughed secretly before saying in a slightly disdainful manner, “Grandaunt, it couldnt be that youre unable to give us a few hundred yuan, could it Its the New Year today.

Its fine that you came empty-handed, but if you didnt even prepare our red packets, then arent you just here for the free food and drinks!”

The two fellas echoed after each other as they tried to tear down the older womans dignity!

If such words were said by their mother, she would seem acrimonious and unreasonable.

She may even appear mean by saying something like that.

However, as it was said by these two dumplings, it only made people laugh at their innocuous words when they heard it.

They would not think that these two were being disrespectful and rude!

After all, every action and word from Xiang Yu had been observed clearly by everyone.

It would really seem as if she were just here to indulge in the revelry like the two dumplings had said!

If she had not prepared red packets for the children, it was inevitable that they would be disappointed!

Xiang Yu immediately crouched in front of the children and tried to reason with them.

“It isnt that I didnt prepare money for you two; its just that I forgot to bring any red packet envelopes with me! We were in a hurry to avoid being caught in a jam, so blame me for not having the time to prepare it properly! Grandaunt will prepare them for you both tomorrow, alright”

“So its because you didnt bring any red packets! Hang on a minute, grandaunt!”

Youyou smiled mischievously before running into the living room and pulling open a drawer to retrieve a stack of brand-new red packet envelopes from the supermarket.

He took out two packets, ran back to Xiang Yu, and handed them to her.



Mu Yazhe tried to hold back his laughter as he sat at the side.

How could he not grasp this fellas intention!

His son was obviously annoyed by the mother-daughter trio.

The boy genuinely wanted to embarrass the three so he refused to give them an out.

He was not lacking in red-packet money, but he could not stomach these three ingrates presence.

The middle-aged woman looked at the red-packet envelopes handed over to her by the boy awkwardly before resentfully accepting them.

However, she did not make any further actions.

What kind of joke was this!

She had only brought a hundred yuan with her.

What was she going to do Tear the hundred into two and give each child half

This child may seem fair, adorable, and innocent, but why was he such an imp!

She was using the excuse of not bringing any red-packet envelopes, yet he hadthoughtfully prepared for her two!


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