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Chapter 2203: Everything is awful.

However, if he retired from the army now, this meant that all the merits he had accumulated over the years would be for naught!

Song Zhengguo appeared calm outwardly, but he was actually completely riddled with bitterness and hate inwardly!

He had worked so hard and sacrificed a lot, all so he could give this son a bright future while he still had the power yet look at what had happened!

They had lost it all!

By the time his son retired and returned home from the BU team, it was hard to say if his career would be on the rise!

This fella had ruined his great prospects just like that!

What was more hateful was that Song Yunxi was still unconscious even now, leaving him with no leads on whom he should hold culpable for his sons injuries.

He was absolutely frustrated, and his thoughts were in turmoil!

Every person in the family, be it his daughter or his son, was unrelenting in causing trouble for him!

It was fine if it was just Song Enya!

She had been spoiled and conceited, therefore offending Mu Yazhe with her hard-to-please temper was somewhat expected, but before he could solve that issue, something had to happen to his son!

He was utterly frustrated!

Why were there so many things for him to worry about!

Exactly which respectable deitys toes did he step on Everything was just awful this year!

It seemed that they were destined to spend New Years Eve in the hospital!

When the middle-aged man thought of this, he smoked two cigarettes in a row before standing up and running off to get some work matters sorted out.

Jiang Qimeng stayed by her sons side and held the latters cold hand lovingly.

She could not stop crying as though she could vent her emotions through this!

The morning of the Lunar New Year.

Yun Shishi got out of bed.

The reunion lunch on this day was indispensable as it was one of the grandest lunches of the year.

Everyone had to be present, and the dishes must be mouth-watering.

All of them had to flock home to enjoy the reunion meal at the table and spread the family love and joy!

There were many details they ought to pay attention to during the reunion meal.

The dishes which must be present during the reunion lunch included fish, which symbolized an abundance of wealth.

There had to be chicken, which symbolized good fortune.

Tofu and Chinese cabbage, which symbolized happiness and wealth.

Vermicelli which symbolized longevity.

Youyou had even prepared cans of peaches, which symbolized good health and aversion to disaster.

The woman was surprised, for even she had not thought about that.

Finally, the meal was accompanied by fine liquor, which symbolized eternal happiness.

The mother-son pair was in the kitchen, busying about nonstop since early in the morning.

In the afternoon, Yun Yecheng and Yun Yehou arrived.

Only then did she recall that she had not invited Xiang Yu and her daughters to the reunion feast.

However, she was not very willing to invite the trio.

They were very annoying and might cause some unhappiness if she were to invite them over!

She did not want to bring about any bad luck for the new year, but when she thought about it, she felt a little bad for not inviting them.

After all, one was her aunt and the other two were her cousins.

If she just forgot about them like this, she would seem quite heartless.

She was caught in a difficult dilemma.

In actuality, the aunt in question had given her father a call prior to this.

She said that the family should have a meal together on New Years Eve to celebrate it.

However, her uncle declined, for he believed that the trio would only cause trouble.

If he brought them over and they behaved badly, it would just upset the family.

He did not want a fight to occur when they were celebrating the New Year.


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