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Jiang Qimeng was heartbroken to see her daughter mumbling nonstop to herself.

Tears flowed from her eyes as she walked up to her daughter and hugged her.

“I dont blame you at all! Its my fault… Its all my fault… If I didnt spoil you so much, you wouldnt turn out this way and commit such foolish acts… Spare the rod, spoil the child… Its not your fault when I didnt teach you well…”

It was purposely said for her husband to hear, and her reason for doing so was mainly to warn him not to pin all the blame on their daughter.

She was afraid that she would truly lose her daughter forever should the latter, who had been thoroughly scarred this time, receive any sort of stimulation which would upset her when she got home.

How could the mother be unable to tell the broken state her daughter was in at the moment

The young lady was already on the brink of despondency and darkness.

Any harsh words coming from her husband when they got back home might be the last straw to crush their daughter!

Thus, she deliberately hinted to her husband that, if he had not spoiled their daughter so much when she was younger, the lass would not have turned out to be so immature and insensible!

Song Zhengguos face turned red in shame and muttered something under his breath, but he no longer said any harsh words.

“What foolish things are you saying! Where else can you go Youre going home with us!”

Pausing for a bit, he let out a long, helpless sigh and said, “I no longer blame you!”

As he spoke, he lightly patted his daughters head with his big hand in a move to coax her.

Instantly, Song Enya burst into wailing sobs…

After his son and his wife helped his daughter into the car which was parked in front of this café, Song Zhengguo settled the bill and politely offered his thanks and apologies to the servers working there.

Meanwhile, Mu Yazhe and Yun Shishi were about to take their leave when the politician suddenly called out to him.


He turned around, only to see the other regarding him with a solemn look before saying, “I have something to discuss with you!”

As he spoke, he stole a glance at the young chaps wife.

With curled lips, the man turned toward his wife and said, “Go ahead and wait for me in the car, alright”

“Okay! Ill do that.”

The woman took the car key from him and got in the car alone.

As such, the two men got in another car with Mu Yazhes expression turning chilly as soon as the doors were closed.

Without even thinking, he knew what the other wanted to say to him behind closed doors!

As the saying went, one should not wash their dirty linen in public.

Song Zhengguo, this sanctimonious yet crafty, old fogey, surely wanted to talk terms with him in exchange for his silence on the matter!

The politician studied the young chap in silent astonishment.

The former was very much shocked to receive news of the latters resignation from his post the previous night!

It happened so suddenly!

What was more astonishing and baffling was that this young man, who had always been two-faced and ambitious, would actually give up the coveted position!

He simply could not understand his reason for doing so.

At this moment, however, the man in front of him was leaning lazily and idly against the window with a stern look.

Even though he was no longer the glorious family head, it did nothing to diminish the kingly aura around him.

The older man said, “I heard that youd stepped down from the position as family head—”

“Youve heard about it” Mu Yazhe sneered.

“Surely, theres no need for small talk between us.

Since youve already heard about it, you naturally have your means to obtain confirmation about that piece of news!”


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