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He planted a feathery kiss on her lips and reiterated, “My children only have one mother, and that is you.”

She was extremely touched to hear that.

Her face broke into a sweet smile.

Hugging him in return, she was moved to reveal her heartfelt thoughts for the first time.

“Do you know that I was indeed very jealous of your niece She could stay by your side during the best years of your life.

I kept thinking that life was unfair for not letting us meet earlier.

If only I got to know you earlier!”

He was stunned for a while before he broke into uncontrollable guffaw.

He brushed her hair gently behind her ear and chided softly, “Silly girl.”

His woman leaned happily into his arms without a word.

“We met each other at the right time.” The mans voice boomed over her head.


“I would rather have us meet later so I could reserve the rest of my life for you.”

A spark seemed to set off in her eyes.

She did not expect him to say such moving words to her.

This was probably the most heartwarming declaration she had heard from him.

She hugged and clung onto his placket tightly as tears began to well up in her eyes.

“Shishi, what you have right now is the best of me.”

With that, he picked up his princess in his arms and walked to the bedroom slowly.

At about eleven in the evening, when the sky was very dark.

Just as the man sat down on the bed after taking a shower, he saw his phones screen blinking.

The phone rang as he picked it up to have a look.

The number was foreign, but it was not difficult for him to guess who the caller was.

Sitting next to the head of the bed, he lit up a cigarette mindlessly before answering the call.

The sound of his nieces helpless sobbing came through the line.

He was not one to drag aimlessly with unfinished businesses.

Since the lady was back and had things to tell him, he might as well let her have her say.

First, he did not want to bear the consequence of this groundless claim, and second, he was actually looking forward to seeing how this fiasco would unfold.

He still had his pulse on the Mus.

Even though he was no longer part of his familys company, his spies were still present inside, thus it was still easy for him to know the latest happenings regarding them.

It seemed that his uncle had the intention to matchmake Mu Yancheng with the third missy from the Lin family.

Now that his niece was pregnant with that chaps child, what would the Mus do when they found out This affair was becoming too interesting to ignore!

Song Enyas hoarse whimpering came through the earpiece.

“Brother Mu… what should I do Wuu…”

Her despondent cries were begging for his attention and love.

Women had a certain talent which was best expressed in such a scenario.

The female population was considered more vulnerable, as well as more coquettish in some ways, than the male species.

At that very moment, she was doing her utmost best to put herself at the lowest position to gain his sympathy.

All she wanted was for him to reach out to her for a hug.

She really missed him, but their good times had all but disappeared when Yun Shishi came into the picture.


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