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Chapter 152: The truth comes to light

Yun Na bites her lips and her tears started flowing to her cheeks one by one.

Then said with her crying voice: “I didn’t mean it, I will give them back just don’t send me to the police station… …”

Yun Na’s face looks very awkward, but they couldn’t help but smack their own lips with what they have heard.

Tang Yu took the initiative and said with full of despised: “A thief is a thief, I didn’t expect you to be so dirty!”

“She’s willing to do anything just attend the party She really is so cheap!”

 “So disgusting, how can the Entertainment Company invited such a person to this event”


Gu Xingze looked at Yun Shishi and asked: “Do you want to send her to the police station”When


Yun Na heard his words, her face turn pale and look at Yun Shishi with her begging eyes.

Then in a flash, she kneels on the floor as her tears keep flowing on her cheeks: “No, sister! Don’t send me there.

I won’t dare to do this again!” However, Yun Shishi just looks at her calmly for a long

while then only said: “I will not send you to the police station.”

After she heard her, Yun Na immediately show a smile while still crying a bit.

But, Gu Xingze coldly added: “Take off that dress immediately and get out from this place.”

Gu Xingze ruthless drive her away.

So, Yun Na’s face turns pale again and look at him.

It wasn’t easy for her to attend this party, so how can she just walk out

She took a lot of effort to convince He Lingxiang to introduce her to famous director and producers.

But all of that will be wasted

Why does everyone help Yun Shishi

Why does God only favor her

Yun Na is not willing to go so she bites her lips.

If only she didn’t get tripped, Yun Shishi might have been drunk that red wine by now and everything will be over!

Then, she remembered that she was walking just fine, but she suddenly got stumbled in something …

Yun Na got startled and suddenly look at Yang Mi.

When she saw her eyes that full of disgust and contempt, everything become clear to her.

It wasn’t really an accident, Yang Mi… … trip her secretly!

Mu Yazhe’s twisted eyebrows and gloomy face turn emotionless when he turned away… …

The commotion ended so Yun Na was brought upstairs by the attendants.

And although He Lingxiang is unwilling to go, he still followed behind Yun Na from upstairs.

After those two went upstairs.

Gu Xingze said to Yun Shishi: “You can’t attend the party looking like this right now.

I’ll send you back.”

“Hmm.” Yun Shishi nodded her head, she was about to leave with Gu Xingze when an attendant suddenly called her.

“Excuse me, are you Miss Yun Shishi”

Yun Shishi accidentally nodded and answered: “Yes, why”

Then, the Attendant respectfully said: “We prepared a VIP dressing room for you.

Please come with me so you could change your dress.”

Yun Shishi and Gu Xingze couldn’t help but look at each other.

But then.

“Go on, I’ll wait for you.” Gu Xingze smiled and said.


The Attendant led her in a long and luxurious corridor.

After all, the cocktail party was held at the Royal Palace Hotel which is owned by Emperor Sheng Foundation.

The Royal Palace Hotel is the first seven-star hotel in Asia.

In the corridor, there were tons of gorgeous decorations, exquisite murals, and expensive wall lamp.’

The Royal Palace Hotel is situated near the coast, so through the beautiful window glass, the night sea is very visible.

“Please come inside.” The Attendant respectfully stop near the door and open it for her then made a gesture.

“Thank you … …” Yun Shishi smiled and walked inside the dark room.

Where she couldn’t even see her fingers when she reached out them.

But, through the hazy moonlight, she could faintly distinguish that the room seems like a luxurious presidential suite.


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