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“Yancheng, I love you, and because of that, I turn away everything you detest! I work hard to earn my keep, even taking on side hustle so that I can be self-sufficient.

I want you to know that Im independent and not one to go after your fortune, but… being born to a poor family, I couldnt afford to complete my education, so Im unable to find a decent job to support myself properly in this pragmatic society.

Despite that, I continue to hold on to my dream of becoming a better person! Sometimes, I wish that you were a normal person with no superior background.

At least, like that, you wont look at me with cynical eyes when all I did was give you my whole heart!”

As she confessed her heartfelt feelings, tears continued to roll down her cheeks.

The mans heart turned soft at last, but there was something he could not understand, though.

If she was not after his fame and fortune, what else did he have that made her want to give him her everything

He was no different from the rest of his family.

Growing up in a complicated family like the Mus, he was extremely insecure.

This was why he had wanted to reach the top at all cost.

He knew that only wealth and power could provide him that pathetic ounce of security!

“Except for covering my basic expenses, I havent touched the money you gave me! You certainly dont need to worry that I have an ulterior motive in doing that… You may have taken me for a materialistic woman, but that isnt the case at all! Please, Im begging you, stop saying such hurtful things to me.

All I want is to spend the rest of my life with you; is that so wrong!” Meng Qingxues last statement was almost a howl.

He took a deep breath and caught her in his arms.

“Im sorry! Dont say anymore; I know…”

After a pause, he helped her to the couch to take a seat.

He recomposed himself, then picked up an apple on the table to peel for her.

“Actually, I came here tonight to tell you something.”

The lady was too choked with tears to respond by then.

She continued to sob wordlessly.

The man continued impassively, “My household has arranged a marriage for me.

My uncle wants me to make a clean break with you before I accept this arranged marriage.

Actually, Im here to break up with you!”

The sobbing turned worse when his woman heard that.

After explaining to her what Mu Linfeng had wanted him to do, the man went on in a tone of resignation, “But… the fact is, I cant say that I have no feelings for you at all! I was sure that I could do this before I saw you, but once Im here, its an entirely different story.

The moment I see you… I just cant bear to let go…”

Something warm filled the womans heart when she heard that.

Her face brightened up, only to be crushed by what he said thereafter.

“Still, Im afraid that I wont be able to marry you as you hope! As someone from the Mu family, I must adhere to my elders desire, and with your background, youll never be accepted by them! Now that you have my baby, you can keep it if you desire! You dont have to fret over the status of the child.

As long as its my baby, Ill acknowledge the kid as my own and do my best to raise the child! Of course, Ill be good toward the kid, too.”


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