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Chapter 2143: I am pregnant.


“Yancheng…” She bit her lower lip shyly, then told him haltingly, “Im pregnant.”

‘Im pregnant.

The man was rooted to the spot.

Meanwhile, inside a downtown café, Song Enya was looking at the woman in front of her victoriously.

She declared to her competitor like a proud winner, “He he! Yun Shishi, Im pregnant! Im bearing Brother Mus child.”

The latter stared at her blankly.

Her enemys taunting was like a curse that instantly nailed her to the cross.

She felt the world tumbling down the moment the rich missy finished her declaration.

A few hours before this incident, she was woken up by an unfamiliar call.

She was having a siesta when the impatient beeping of her phone woke her up.

A foreign number flashed on her phone screen.

She picked up to call curiously, only to hear Song Enyas mean voice calling her name on the other end.

“Yun Shishi!”

It instantly vanished all her sleepiness.

“Song Enya”

The enemys voice was haughty and condescending with a tinge of spine-chilling animosity.

She sounded strangely triumphant.

The protagonist sat up on bed without delay, her face looking extremely frigid.

“I heard that you had gone missing.

Did you take flight because of guilt”

Her enemy was unbothered by her sarcasm and, instead, issued her an ultimatum.

“Yun Shishi, I have something to tell you! Meet me at the QUEEN café downtown at eight oclock tonight.

Make sure you turn up!” The woman cut the line immediately after saying that.

What is that woman up to again!

She wanted to ignore it but could not deny her curiosity as the time drew close to 8 PM.

She started to fret when she saw the wall clock tick past seven in the evening!

She reckoned that the missy should not be up to no good as the latter had arranged to meet her at the busy downtown.

Besides, she also had a grudge to settle with that woman.

The man had gone out early in the morning after telling her that he had a few important meetings with his men.

It was already past 7 PM, but he had yet to be seen home, so he was likely not coming back for dinner.

Hence, she left the house in a hurry after informing her kids.

The young missy was already waiting for her when she appeared at the café.

The server here brought her to a private room.

The moment she pushed open the door, she saw the face that she had not seen for some time.

“You are here finally.”

To her surprise, her enemy did not reveal much hostility toward her which was unusual.

If this were to happen in the past, this niece of her husband would gnash her teeth at the sight of her, shooting her a deadly look as if she could not wait to end her!

Today was different, though.

The rich missy wore a muted look, unlike her past gaudy self.

Her clear and sparkling eyes were well-complemented by her pinkish gloss.

She looked charming in her simple getup and the elegant smile on her face.

The missy had been waiting for her on her seat.

When she saw the protagonist approaching, she invited her to take a seat at the table politely.

This bewildered Yun Shishi more than ever.

She was mentally prepared for this missy to create a scene the moment they met.


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