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She was not his first kept woman.

He had kept a few young, innocent female juniors from college as his lovers when he had just set foot in society.

Putting aside the issue that they already knew about his identity, his open-handedness was enough for those ladies to pester him in buying them branded clothes, bags, diamonds, and other luxury goods.

Even when they broke up, those greedy, materialistic girls daringly demanded an astronomical sum from him to serve as compensation and break-up fee.

This woman was truly strange, however.

Despite having her living expenses deposited into her bank card every month, she still lived in an ordinary apartment building and dressed very simply.

She did not deck herself in expensive clothes and carry luxury bags.

On the contrary, from what he had heard, she even found herself two part-time jobs.

Feeling curious, the man ran a check on her bank account, only to realize that she hardly touched the annual allowance he gave her except to pay her apartment rent, utility bills, and basic living expenses.

She was really different!

Mu Yancheng snorted and dismissed the thought as soon as it popped out.

Shes probably just putting up a façade to win my favor.

Is she so eager and desperate to gain my favor and approval that she will go as far as to suppress her desires and pretend to be virtuous and without greed

It was impossible between them, for he was bound to marry someone from a prestigious, aristocratic, or scholarly family in the future.

There was no way that he could be with such an ordinary woman.

What he saw in her was nothing other than her beautiful appearance, youth, and gentleness.

Besides that, he simply could not find any reason why he should marry her.

Once he had his fill of fun with her and got sick of her, it would be time for them to split.

He would give her a sum of hushed money as compensation, which could be considered his greatest favor and consideration of her!

At exactly eight oclock that night, Mu Yancheng appeared at the entrance of the womans apartment.

Fengchen International Apartment, which was where the woman stayed, had eight years of history.

While it was not considered too shabby, it was a far cry from the upscale apartment buildings he had originally selected for her.

When he entered the elevator, the lights above suddenly flickered on and off, making it appear somewhat like a scene straight from a horror movie!

Upon reaching the eighteenth floor, he stepped out of the elevator and made his way to the womans unit.

Just when he was about to knock on the door, his hand suddenly froze for a bit.

The young man had come prepared to end things and make a clean break from her this time regardless of the price he had to pay.

He was not that heartless, though.

After making things clear to her, he might offer her some monetary benefits, which would be enough for her to buy a decent-sized apartment in the capital and a luxurious car, with the leftover money serving as her living expenses for the next ten years.

He had always been generous toward women, not to mention that he had developed some feelings for this young lady who had dedicated the prime of her youth to him for the past two years.

The man was actually a little reluctant to put their relationship to an end.

He was entirely unaffected and stingy that he could discard the woman without even sparing her a last meeting.

With this in mind, he lightly rapped on her door and soon heard a flurry of excited footsteps from within.

Not long after, he heard a females timid voice, which sounded slightly mischievous, eager, and wary.

“Is that Yancheng outside”

The law and order in this area was not good.

Perhaps it was due to its remoteness, but this area was inhabited by a large group of people from the lowest rung of society.

Besides, it was not far away from East Street, so plenty of people from the triads stayed in the rental housing here.


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