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Meng Qingxue, who was eighteen this year, worked in the modeling scene.

She had quite the stunning yet innocent look, which could not be found in most starlets, and a slender figure unique to models.

Her bosoms, in particular, were well-endowed and could practically make one drool at the sight.

She was sixteen when she first met Mu Yancheng at a private party and caught his interest right away.

Just like how the sayingEven heroes could fall prey to a ravishing beautys charms went, men practically had zilch resistance to beautiful women.

Besides, the young lady was quite the looker, and the important thing here was that she was just a fresh, naïve student back then.

A man preferred his woman to be pure and innocent, so Mu Yancheng did not hesitate to add the lady into his harem.

Simply put, he snatched her for himself as soon as she made her debut to become her first man.

This lassie was vastly different from many of her colleagues; she did not possess a burning ambition, though it might be due to her tender age and inexperience in the industry.

This made her stand apart from those scheming models with vicious means and a clear goal in mind.

She, in fact, merely held a simple notion about love.

She assumed that Mu Yancheng was just a young master from a pretty well-off family or the scion of a multi-millionaire.

All she had in mind was to stay by his side and form a family with him, so her modeling career naturally came to an end just like that.

She had agreed to become his woman not just because he had launched a series of romantic pursuits on her and spoke nothing but sweet words to her but also because she was fond of his dashing appearance and considerate nature.

This was why she offered her body to him and became his woman just three days into their relationship.

Of course, Mu Yancheng had plenty of other women beside her.

Several had been with him even before he met Meng Qingxue, while some had a few one-night stands with him during the course of their relationship.

Naturally, there were also a handful whom he was fond of and got together with for a couple of months.

The young lady, however, could be considered the longest woman by his side.

It was mostly due to her having a high EQ.

She knew how to please her beau and would never pester and hound him endlessly when he was busy.

The only time she had acted wilful and thrown a tantrum at him was when she discovered that he had other women besides her, much to her anger.

She then tearfully demanded a reasonable explanation from him.

The couple had been together for three months when that outburst happened.

She had developed deep, romantic feelings for the man, while he was also fond of this docile and affable young lady.

It was why he had kept her by his side for so long.

The thing was that, once men started to lose their interest in a woman, they no longer had much patience for them as before.

The first time he had lashed out on her was when she quarreled with him over his unfaithfulness.

Mu Yancheng had an arrogant streak in him all along, so when he saw her tear-stained face, he only spat, “I have plenty of other women, but most of them are just one-night stands.

We go about our ways after weve done the deed.

Because of my status, I dont have much devotion to women, and in my opinion, theyre nothing but tools for my biological needs! Speaking of which, youre the only woman Ive kept by my side longer than two months.

This is because I find you quite obedient and have some feelings for you! You should know now that I dislike women who disobey me and act all unreasonable, so dont act out if you still want me in your life.

Ive seen plenty of such cheap tricks.

While I might find it refreshing in the past, I no longer do so now!”


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