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Thus, he nodded in agreement at once.

“No doubt.

Only Second Uncle is so considerate about my future! I feel deeply honored because of this.

May I ask which young missy have you selected for me This way, I can be mentally prepared ahead of time.”

His uncle fell silent for a beat before suddenly narrowing his eyes.

“Do you know who Lin Xueya is”

“Lin… Xueya!” He sucked in a cold breath and nodded enthusiastically.

“Shes from the capitals prestigious and glorious Lin family.

Even though their ancestry isnt as far back as ours, theyre on equal footing with us in terms of political influence! I havent met the young lady before, but Ive heard of her name.”

“Put an end to your salacious affairs before I arrange a meeting between you two.”


The young chap froze for a moment.

His startled reaction got his uncle smirking.

“While you can fool others, Im different.

Dont you have several girlfriends at the side Make a clean break with those indecent women before I set up a meeting with Lin Xueya for you!”

Mu Yanchengs heart lurched at that.

Amid his dazedness, the elderly man turned around and departed, leaving him alone in the office.

When he finally snapped out of his daze, he felt himself being coated in a layer of cold sweat from the surprise he received.

The Lin family!

Forming ties with that family through marriage can greatly aid me in my ascent to the seat as the Mu familys head!

I must seize this opportunity at all costs!

At the thought of Mu Yazhe, he scoffed!

I wont be as foolish as my second brother, who refuses to let Yun Shishi go as though he hasnt seen a woman before.

There are many women in the world!

I can get anyone I want once I acquire power and wealth.

Only he would be stupid enough to give up his title, authority, and fortune for one woman.

Its truly baffling why he treats her like a precious treasure when he can have anything he wants by being our familys head.

Its even more so for women!

Even though the Mus had long abandoned the feudal traditions, the men in the family had no lack of women beside them, with each having three or four wives!

Except for those who had taken wives with strong family background, almost all had extramarital relations outside of their clan.

At most, both parties would have their fair share of fun.

A handful of these married women were just as wild as their husbands.

They even kept gigolos for themselves outside.

Nevertheless, the majority of the women who married into the Mus were content with thinking of which perfumes would make them look classier, which handbags would fit their status the most, and how to make themselves appear elegant and rich since they already had attained the titles and statuses they wanted.

As such, most women in the family would just turn a blind eye to their husbands infidelity.

At the thought of this, Mu Yancheng returned to the chair and made an external call.

After ringing for a while, a womans sweet yet gentle voice could be heard from the other end of the line.


“Qingxue, are you free tonight”


The woman, who was ecstatic to find out that the man had taken the initiative to call her, shyly said, “It happens that I have something to discuss with you—”

“Just as well.

Well talk when we meet!”

“Okay… Where should we meet”

“Ill be at your place by 8 PM.”


Ill wait for you here.”

Upon ending the call, a smirk appeared on his face as he clenched his fists tightly.


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