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His uncle, meanwhile, would not be happy with the outcome.

The middle-aged man had not yet found an ideal successor; thus, he was not ready for his nephew to leave yet.

Mu Yazhes sudden departure had upset his plan.

The young man was the one who had led the empire up to where it was today; hence, his leaving sans any warning would have befuddled anyone in the management team.

It would create a lacuna in the Mu Group for sure.

Since they dared hatch a plan against him, he might as well play along and turn the situation to his advantage.

The guys in the other camp were left with no defense or escape, whereas his side would gain opportunities in return.

Lu Jinyu caught his bosss idea at last and could not help admiring his well-thought-out plan.

In fact, this should be lauded as an impeccable strategy, and one that emerged from great foresight.

In retrospect, his chief had already poured most of his efforts in Shengyu starting three years ago.

That was to say that the man had started gearing his game plan from that time.

Instead of using him, his poor uncle had been made use of.

The elder was still in the dark up about that point.

Jiang Shen was greatly motivated after the man shared his strategy with them.

He could not wait for them to strut their stuff and take down the Mu Group once and for all at the right opportunity.

As the boss held the teacup in his hand, his ambition and brilliance shone bright and clear in his beaming eyes.

In the dead of the night.

As Yun Shishi was busy preparing the quilt for sleep, the man slipped into the bedroom after a shower, walked over to her quietly, and hugged her waist from behind.

He then whispered into her ear seductively, “What are you busy with”

The woman was so engrossed in her task that she failed to notice his presence.

Recovering from her shock, she explained coyishly, “Im preparing a new quilt.

The weather is turning cold and the quilt that weve been using isnt warm enough.”

Actually, he was in no mood to hear her clarification.

As she was talking, he leaned over and kissed her gently on her earlobe.

They had been missing their moments of intimacy; thus, his kiss was rather eager, though it was also sincere and carefree.

The woman pushed him away playfully but that did not deter him.

This made his kiss become hotter and faster as he flipped her around to face him.

Holding her by the waist, the heat from his palms traveled from her waist to the skin under the hemline as he started exploring her body.

“Hey…” she protested, “the kiddos havent slept yet.”

She had promised her boys that she would read them a bedtime story in their room after she prepared the bed.

This was basically her nighttime routine, and she did that without fail every day.

The man let out a dissatisfied grunt.

“You dont have to care about them!”

“Are you going to read them a story if I dont do it” She was amused by his reaction.

“All you have to do is make me happy.”

His salacious comment immediately sent her heart pounding.

She let out an indiscernible groan when she pushed away, and that got him so keen that he was back on her without further ado, plastering his body and lips against hers.

Their bodies and lips intertwined as they embraced in a passionate kiss, breathing down each others neck with the tip of their noses touching.

It started as an innocent kiss which became more and more daring.

He dipped his head to peek at her beautiful eyes which seemed to dance with mirth.

She looked especially captivating tonight.


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