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She threw the boy a displeased look before suddenly pinching his chubby cheek in graveness.

“Trust you to lie that hes your kindergarten principal, you brat! The nerve youve got to lie to me!”

“O-Ow, ow, ow…” Youyou wrapped his hands around his mothers and begged for mercy repeatedly.

“Please spare me from punishment, mommy! I know I was wrong…”

The woman feigned anger at her son.

“If not for what happened today, you wouldnt even be coming clean with me now!”

“Woo… woo… woo… I know my mistake, mommy.

Please let me off, alright…”

He clasped his little hands together in a prayer-like pose and pleaded for forgiveness again and again.

His brother, who was watching this scene from the sidelines, could not resist snickering.

“Ha ha ha! Who told you to hide the truth from mommy Now, youve got her all angry!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the older twin felt a spine-chilling gaze on him.

He looked to the side, only to find his mother staring down at him with her lips tugged.

“Oh… Youve known about it but chose to hide the truth from me, too.”

Before he could offer any explanation, Yun Shishi extended her other free hand and pulled his ear mercilessly.

“Uwahhhh—mommy, what have I done wrong Please let me go…”

Tears pooled in the older boys eyes as he felt immensely aggrieved at the thought that he had been unjustly implicated.

“Youre an accomplice!”

“I didnt hide the truth from you on purpose! Its lil bro who told me to do so!”

She turned to her younger son again, her eyes narrowed into slits.

The boy hastily added, “Thats because I was afraid of you getting worried!”

He then pried her fingers off him and held her hand in his, putting one hand on the back of hers.

Dazzling tenderness replaced the aggrieved expression he wore moments ago.

“I know that you are very furious and worried about me right now, but thats also part of why I didnt dare tell you the truth.

No matter what identity I hold, Im still that obedient son of yours, forever and always.

The reason I did everything I could to become powerful is so that I can protect you better from getting bullied by others! Ive had enough of being a helpless weakling who gets ostracized and bullied.

Even though all that happened when I was much younger, those memories are still fresh in my mind.

I dont want you to live with such nightmares for all your life!”

His words sounded ever so sincere.

He gazed at his mother gently before reaching out for his fathers hand and pulling it over to cover his mothers hand in place of his.

He then turned to face his brother, whom he exchanged a smile with.

The two lads lightly put their hands over theirs.

“From now on, well never be apart again, okay”

The womans face was streaked with tears by now.

Despite her best efforts to hide her vulnerable state from the children by widening her eyes and forcing her tears to retreat, she could not help but be moved by her youngest sons simple yet heartfelt words.

Tears came pouring forth against her will.

She was seized by a myriad of emotions when the little one apprehensively confessed his other identity.

Even though she was furious yet amused at this newfound knowledge, she felt heartache and helplessness stirring inside her.

More than that, an overwhelming sense of disappointment and defeat weighed upon her.

It turned out that her darling son, whom she had always treated so preciously, had already become such a formidable figure.

He was already in possession of a sizable share of power despite his tender age.

She, on the other hand, as his guardian, had to even rely on his protection in times of need.

Bitterness involuntarily sprouted in her heart at the thought of this.


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