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Chapter 2098: A Great Deal

The woman leisurely sipped her drink, not in a hurry to speak; after all, there was no need for her to open her mouth first since she was a guest here.

Since Mu Linfeng was the one who had asked her to come down for a discussion, she decided to wait for him to tell her what important matter it was that required her presence here.

Besides the few authoritative figures of this family, several seniors and high-ranking stakeholders of Disheng were also present.

By the looks of this lineup, she appeared to have been led into an ambush!

If this were someone else, they would probably be quivering in fear and stuttering incoherently.

Yun Shishi, however, was not fazed by them.

These people were the ones who had invited her to come over, so there was no need to worry that they would do anything to her.

Furthermore, she had already let her husband know of her location, even though her call on the way here was picked up by his assistant.

According to Min Yu, the man was in a meeting and was unavailable to take the call.

When he inquired about the purpose of her call, she smilingly replied, “Just pass the message that Ill be waiting for him at the Mu residence; remember to ask him to come straight here after work!” The assistant had also agreed to relay this message to his boss.

My husband doesnt know that Ive been summoned to the Mu residence, huh

Is Mu Linfeng playing tricks with me

She was not worried at all, nonetheless.

There were several unfamiliar yet young-looking faces among those present as well.

She glanced at the young man who was sitting beside Mu Shumin.

By appearance, he looked to be around his twenties.

She could even see traces of her husband in the young chaps features; the latters eyes and nose, in particular, somewhat resembled the mans, though they were not exactly the same.

Genes were truly such a curious thing.

While Mu Yanchengs features were quite alike Mu Yazhe, he did not have half of the insufferably arrogant demeanor of the other.

Hence, despite his outstanding looks and extraordinary presence, the two appeared to be worlds apart when they stood side by side.

No wonder he had always been neglected and cast in the shadows in this family.

With the other man around, he could only stand on the sidelines—in fact, he might not even be qualified to do so.

Nonetheless, ever since that deep conversation with his aunt, he had soon gained the trust and acknowledgment of his second uncle.

What the elderly man expected from him was very simple should he succeed the position of the family head: the former wanted absolute power and authority of Disheng and the Mu Group.

Strictly speaking, though, the young chap would be no more than a puppet on a string—to be a mere figurehead.

Still, he was fine with it either way since he was, admittedly, neither as capable and talented as his cousin, nor was he confident in leading both the family and the company.

He could not guarantee that he could bring the Mu Group to a greater height, surpass the achievements of the other, and become a more formidable overlord of the commercial world.

Since his uncle wanted the power from him, he would just leave it all in his hands!

Why should he not do so

He did not mind being just a nominal head, for he was very much content with the wealth, fame, and status the position would bring him.

He could enjoy exercising the right of a family head while not taking on its responsibilities and burdens; where else could he find such a great deal

After all, given his illegitimate status, he had never dared to even hope of becoming the family head one day!


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