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“It can only be considered clean when it wont look like there are windows installed here!”


Yun Shishis hair stood on end when she heard the commotion above.

How could she still be skiving off right now With that, she scampered off to pack the cloakroom again.

However, the more she cleaned up, the more bitter she felt.

Normally, she would not be involved with the household matters when she was home, but every time she returned, the house was always very clean and dust-free.

Although it was due to the maids they hired on some level, most of the credit still went to her younger sons daily care and upkeep.

Especially their closet, their clothes, shoes, and hats had all been placed neatly.

She wondered again if her younger son was a Virgo.

At night, Yun Shishi was close to evaporating from exhaustion.

When she lay down, she felt as if her soul had left her body.

She was truly, terribly exhausted.

Similarly, an exhausted Little Yichen lay limply on the couch.

He could not lift his spirits at all, only responding lazily to anyone who spoke to him.

As for Youyou, not only did he complete his mission perfectly, which was washing all the clothes and mopping all the floors, he had also just returned from the market and was in a frenzy, preparing dinner in the kitchen.

This fella…

Did he not know what exhaustion was

One should not see it as merely washing clothes and cleaning the floors.

There were many clothes in their household which needed to be washed by hand and not in a machine.

As for cleaning the floors, there were some places that the boy had to kneel and clean with some wet cloth bit by bit.

What a god.

Why was the fellas energy so exuberant

She wanted to ask him if he was tired after doing so much, but she was extremely ashamed to do so!

Was she not even comparable to a child!

Yun Shishi pulled herself together and climbed off the couch.

She walked into the kitchen and asked her son if he needed a hand, but just as she pushed open the door, the woman was met with the scene of Youyou sorting the vegetables.

Her heart felt mixed emotions when she saw the bullets of sweat on his forehead.

This kiddo…

He was clearly also tired, was he not!

How could there be a person with that much energy Moreover, he was only a child.

After doing so many chores, he must be exhausted, yet he was still preparing dinner for them.

Her heartache deepened in an instant.

Feeling touched and guilty, she walked over immediately and wanted to take over the task at hand.

The next thing Youyou said utterly knocked her down, though.

“Mommy, you should just lie obediently on the couch and not make a bigger mess.”

The woman was rendered speechless.

Her heart broke slightly as she hurriedly explained, “Let me give you a helping hand, alright I am still very good at sorting the vegetables.”

Alas, he retorted in a slightly disdainful manner, “I will not let you touch anything in the kitchen.

There was once when you cooked and affected the texture of the food because you did not pick the vegetables well.”

She felt as if her heart had been pierced by a million arrows at that moment…

She brought over a small stool and sat down.

Since her son refused her help, she decided to accompany him here, instead.

Youyou was very meticulous when he was sorting the vegetables.

Even if it was just a small piece of withered leaf, he would remove it.

He was also skilled in differentiating between the young and old vegetables.

Yun Shishi suddenly felt a little upset.

“Youyou, it must be hard on you after working for an entire day.”

The boy let out a small huff in acknowledgment before glancing at her.

However, when he saw the heartache in her eyes, he was unconsciously moved.

He stopped what he was doing and replied, “Mommy, I am not tired.”

“How can you not be tired”

His mother did not believe him.

“You worked for the entire day, and your chores were not small at all.

You must be exhausted! I am sorry for troubling you, my little baby!”


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