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Chapter 2086: Yes, he is my husband.

“Try this piece.”

She pulled out a long trench coat from the rack as she spoke.

Mu Yazhe tipped his head slightly in acknowledgment.


He then took the coat from her and disappeared into the fitting room, which seemed too tiny and cramped for him that his wife could not help worrying if he would hit his head.

The shop assistants, apparently, failed to recognize the actress, for they gathered around her with reddened faces and asked softly, “Hey, sweetie, is that hunk your husband”

It got Yun Shishi panicking for a moment and somewhat worried that she might have been recognized.

From their looks of amazement, however, she surmised that their attention was probably all on her husband instead of her.

She smiled shyly as she replied, “Yes, hes my husband.”

“Wow! He looks so young!”

“Well, what did I say I could tell that theyre a young, married couple at a glance.”

“Dont people from the city usually marry at a later age Why did you two get married so early”

A young, married couple…

An unexpected gush of warmth flooded her heart upon hearing that.

She loved the warm, fuzzy feeling of proudly looping her arms around the mans and officially introducing him as her husband.

Youyou burst into a fit of giggles before he finally regained control of himself and said to the shop assistants, “Dont be deceived by my mothers young appearance; shes past her twenties.”


Daddy and mommy are already hitting thirty.

Theyre no longer young,” added Little Yichen as he cheekily took a dig at his parents, which earned him a cool, oblique glance from his mother.

This fella, after spending so much time with his savaged twin, has been led astray.

Hes no longer cute as before with his sharp tongue!

The retail employees, however, were tickled pink by their cute appearances coupled with their response.

Their hands flew to their faces as they shrieked in delight.

“Aiya! Are these cute, little kids yours, miss”

She nodded, only to receive looks of envy from them.

“Gosh! Theyre as good-looking as the mixed-blood child stars we see on TV! Just look at their big, bright eyes and their long, curly eyelashes!”

“Yeah! If I could have such adorable twins for kids, Id surely wake up laughing from my dreams.”

“Its all about the parents genes at the end of the day! Just look at their parents! Their mother is a pretty lady, and their father is a handsome man.

Its no wonder that the little ones were born looking just as fine as them!”

Those who worked in the sales line, naturally, had quite the gift of gab, their words sounding as sweet as though they had been smeared with honey.

Nevertheless, what they said was all true.

The twins had not only inherited their mothers dewy eyes but also their fathers impressive-looking eyebrows and facial structure.

Hence, despite their young age, it was not hard to imagine the sort of handsome chaps they would grow up to be.

Yun Shishis vanity was fully satisfied when she heard their compliments.

After all, no mothers would not be pleased and ecstatic to hear others praising their children cute.

She could not resist pinching her boys chubby cheeks as she dissed, “Cute as they might be, they are quite the imps and rascals! They can be rather mischievous and are quite a handful at times!”

“It goes to show that they are smart and quick-witted.”

“Children are cuter when theyre a little mischievous.

They arent cute if they behave just like blockheads.”

One of the assistants, who had been staring long and hard at her, suddenly exclaimed in surprise, “You look like a certain movie star, miss!”

The person, who had just spoken, was an ardent moviegoer, frequently asking her colleagues to accompany her to the cinema after work.

The reason she had only said that her customer looked like a certain movie star was that it totally did not cross her mind that the person before her was the celebrity herself.

She did not doubt her identity at all, for there was no reason for a hot, money-making starlet, who was always decked in clothes from high-end brands, as seen on screen, to patronize such a small outlet store!


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