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Chapter 2062: She just likes to bully her brother.

Yun Shishi stared dumbly at her brother as he slid his finger across her phone screen and set that photo to replace the original photo of her and the twins as wallpaper, instead.

This chap!

“Youre not allowed to change your phones wallpaper, or else…” He narrowed his eyes threateningly at her.

“Ill be heartbroken.”

Her lips twitched a little before they curled up into a smile.

“Its a crime to act cute, brother.”

Gong Jie: “…”

Soon, the boss served them two bowls of spicy hotpot.

The man looked down at his bowl of soup, only to feel his scalp going numb.

The medium-sized bowl contained ingredients like seaweed, bacon, and chicken wingtips, but those were not what made him suck in a cold breath.

His evil sister made the cook add so much chili in his soup that it appeared fiery red even from afar.

He could already tell that the soup was very spicy just by looking at it.

He looked up to stare long and hard at his sister, but upon sensing his probing gaze, she guiltily turned her face away.

Putting aside the issue that he was not a fan of pepper, even those who were would probably be unable to stomach this level of spices.

The lady boss, apparently, did not find anything odd with his expression, truly thinking that he could handle this spicy hotpot, for she sincerely lauded, “You can sure handle your spices, handsome.

From the time I opened this hotpot shop, Ive never met anyone else who could handle such spiciness.”

Gong Jie: “…”

His sister playfully teased him.

“I wonder if the ingredients I selected for you are to your liking, brother You said it before: Youll eat whatever I pick for you.”

The boss was surprised to hear that form of address.

“You two are siblings”

“Yep! Dont we look alike”

She volleyed her gaze between the two several times before breaking into a smile.

“Yes, you two do look quite alike! I can tell at a glance.

Its just that the way your younger brother treats you is so gentle, and that misled me into thinking that hes your husband and that you two just have a couple face!”

“Nah, youre mistaken.

Hes my younger brother.”

“Your brother must be very capable of handling spicy food.

The smell of the chili alone is enough to sting my nose!”

She remained very much impressed.

Yun Shishi glanced at her brother as she lifted a brow smugly.

“Why dont you try the soup”

What have I done wrong for my sister to serve me such a bowl of extremely spicy hotpot

“Xiao Jie…”

His sister pouted her lips and looked at him petulantly, prompting him to pick up his chopsticks and dip them into the bowl of soup.

After a little digging, he picked up a piece of bacon and placed it into his mouth.

His eyes rimmed red in an instant.


My mouth is burning!

His face was all scrunched up, looking very much like he was angry, as he tried to bear with the spiciness of the bacon.

His cheeks were all flushed and even his eyes were gradually getting moist.

Unable to bear with it any longer, he eventually gave up and covered his face in despondency.

His overwhelming authoritative presence had long faded.

He hastily pulled out several pieces of tissue and covered them over his scalding lips, looking somewhat in a sorry state.

The spiciness of the soup had rendered his expression numb and his eyes misty.

He looked every bit aggrieved as though he had been bullied!

This tickled his sister pink as she watched him with sparkling eyes.

She suddenly found this side of him to be very adorable!

She had always liked making fun of him even when they were just little kids.

She loved seeing that innocent yet pitiful expression of his.

Even the lady boss was between laughter and tears.

“Its too spicy for you, right I knew it! No one can handle this level of spiciness at all!”

“Says who Let me take up the challenge.”

Grabbing her chopsticks, Yun Shishi proceeded to pick a mouthful of vermicelli and slurp them all into her mouth.

She enjoyed her food very much.

Her brother watched this dumbly at the side.

The amount of chili she had in her bowl of soup was surely no lesser than his if not more.

Just the sight of her swallowing a mouthful of that fiery soup was enough to render ones head numb.

Even the boss was gobsmacked.

The woman, however, just swallowed it straight down and found it quite the enjoyment.

She lifted a brow thereafter as she dished out a compliment.

“It tastes yummy, indeed!”

Gong Jie: “…”

Boss: “…”

Who is this person

She must be a monster to be capable of handling so many chili peppers.


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