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“Ninety-nine percent”

The young lady was tempted to give it a try.

She turned around and gazed outside the window, her eyes filled with unexplainable emotions.

She had no regard for how excruciating the pain might be.

In fact, it was something that she must bear no matter what since she was dogmatic in her ways.

Besides, according to the doctor, it had as high as a ninety-nine percent success rate.

That was more than enough for her!

She spun around and asked, “How long does the entire IVF take”

“Some time is needed for the process.”

“So how long is it” she pressed on urgently.

“I dont have much time to lose!”

“At least half a month.”

“Work on it right away! I want it done fast!”


Please keep calm and patient, Ms.


Well do our best to finish it fast.”

The doctor then swiftly turned to leave, lightly closing the door behind him with a soft thud.

As soon as she was alone, the missy slumped onto the sofa in defeat as she stared blankly up at the ceiling.

For this trip to the US, she had used plenty of connections, exhausted much of her assets, and even withdrawn eight figures from her brothers bank account behind her familys back.

Eight figures…

The cost of artificial insemination far exceeded the amount she had expected it to cost.

Mu Yazhes aloofness toward her that day had disheartened her greatly.

She knew full well that the man was thoroughly disappointed in her!

She had once tried making herself give up, let go of her feelings for him, and never pursue him again, but in her trance, she realized that the man had, somehow, become her entire world.

If she were to leave his side, her world would then be filled with darkness and bleakness.

What filled her more anguish was that she could never leave his side no matter how much she hated him.

As such, the thought of such an unconventional gambit emerged in her head.

Since Yun Shishi managed to gain the mans favor by making use of his children, why should she not do the same Thus, she intended to undergo artificial insemination and get pregnant with his child behind his back.

Since ancient times, a womans position was secured by providing descendants to a rich family.

However, one should consider the womans status, too.

That actress was no match for the man—only she was worthy of marrying into the Mu family.

If that slut could use the twins to tie Brother Mus heart down, why couldnt I!

If I carry his child, he surely wont fault or desert me.

Instead, the child will become a deep fetter between us.

Even if hes cruel and determined enough to push me away from his side, Ill at least have a spiritual sustenance to rely on once I give birth to his child.

Besides, no matter how cruel he is, he surely wont turn a blind eye to me by then.

Even if he doesnt care about the child, his family should be concerned, right

After all, which blue blood doesnt treasure their descendants

She no longer wished for anything more.

Even if she could only be his mistress, she would gladly oblige since she had a reason to do so.

There was plenty of time for her to triumph over that lowborn wretch, anyway.

The thought of that sent her clenching her fists tightly, almost piercing the flesh of her palms with her razor-sharp nails as a result.

Chaos reigned in the Song family, meanwhile.

Song Yunxi, in particular, was even more frantic when he realized that an eight-figure sum had mysteriously been withdrawn from his bank account.

There was no need for any investigation to know who the culprit was, though!

His sister was the only one who knew the account pin other than his father and himself, so who else could have stolen that money but the one who had vanished without a trace

That incompetent lass!

Where the hell has she disappeared to!

Not only was he unable to reach her on the phone, he had no idea where her whereabouts might be, too.

Even if he wanted to track her down, there was no clue for him to start the search.


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