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Chapter 2041: In-vitro Fertilization

“Come in.”

Her deep, penetrating gaze remained fixed on the view outside the window.

From behind, the door opened to reveal a doctor with brown hair and blue eyes.

He slowly walked over to her side and, in his deep voice, asked, “Ms.

Song, are you currently resting”


He immediately proffered an apology.

“Im sorry to bother you.”

“Its no bother.” She turned around and flashed him a kind, elegant smile, which showed off her cherry lips and pearly white teeth.

“How is it going”

The other returned a knowing smile.

“Thats the purpose of my unannounced visit.”

“Please go on.”

He eagerly explained, “Everything is proceeding as planned, but since the sperms have been kept in a liquid nitrogen tank at a negative one-hundred-seventy degree, the success rate of you conceiving may be quite low.

The success of artificial insemination hinges on the quality of the sperms and the usage of refined techniques together with certain equipment.”

She was gripped with nerves all of a sudden as she looked at him with desperate eyes.

“Are you saying that the chances of success are low”


“How low will it be”

She had lost all her calmness by now to maintain her graceful demeanor and desperately demanded for an answer by grabbing the doctors sleeves.

The doctor, nevertheless, remained good-natured as he assuaged her uneasiness.

“I can understand how you are feeling right now, but you need to calm down a little.

The success rate may be low, but it isnt as low as you think.

Its about forty percent!”

“In other words, the chances of me getting pregnant are only forty percent!”

Her eyes bulged wide in disbelief upon hearing that.

She found great difficulty accepting the news.

Nodding, the doctor pushed up the frame of his glasses against his nose and explained, “Well, not to mention, youre currently in a weak state.

Even if the sperms enter your body, they cant fertilize an egg at all.

Your weak body constitution is one of the contributing factors for the low success rate.”

The lady bit down on her lip hard in anxiety.

“Its fortunate that the sperms are of high-quality and in a good state.

If you dont mind, why dont you try IVF-ET, instead”


“In-vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.”

She had never heard this medical term before.

The reason she came to know about artificial insemination was mainly Mu Yazhe having intended to use such a technique on the surrogate mother, whom he had specifically selected to give birth to his children seven years ago.

Back then, when Yun Shishi was selected to be the surrogate mother, she had a medication examination conducted, which revealed that she was unsuitable for artificial insemination and the chances of success were very low.

It astonished Song Enya greatly when she first learned of this matter, and it was not until recently that she remembered this, which led to her taking a gamble and staking her all for a chance to give birth to the mans children.

She knew nothing about IVF-ET, however.

“IVF-ET is better known astest-tube babies in your country.

Simply put, its a process where we combine an egg with sperm outside the body in an artificially controlled environment.

Upon success, the fertilized egg, or the zygote, will then be implanted into your uterus where it slowly grows and develops into a baby.

I must let you know, though, that this method is extremely painful—far more painful than the usual artificial insemination methods.

Are you willing to give it a go”

“Whats the success rate”

“Its as high as ninety-nine percent.”


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