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Mu Yazhe raised his eyes abruptly.

His gaze was solemn.



“Are you sure”

“Yes, Im sure.”

Min Yu avoided his gaze.

Without warning, he walked over and bent down to whisper something to his ear.

The mans expression turned icier as a spine-chilling look surfaced in his eyes.

His assistant straightened up at once and, observing the mans complexion, trembled in fear.

However, he merely let out a sneer.

“Shes gone insane.”

What she planned to do had undoubtedly touched his reverse scale.

Such naivety!

She thought that things would be a surefire if this plan were executed meticulously.

Did she think that he was just a decoration

How dared she even think of achieving her aim through such underhanded means and by pulling such a trick behind his back

What of her succeeding

Did she hope that he would not find out about it

What a joke.

Since she was going to do such a thing, determined on planting a root of mayhem, he did not mind accompanying her until the end.

“We were all very shocked as well when we heard about it.”

“We absolutely cant let her get her way,” he stated coldly.


Ill do as you say.”

“Does the Songs know about this”

“They probably dont.

Shes keeping this hidden from everyone, including her family.”


Mu Yazhe slammed the report on his table and leaned back in his chair.

He closed his eyes to rest them for a moment before opening them.

He had a sharp look in his dark orbs.

“Come here.”

Min Yu went over instantly, leaning close to his superior in a respectful manner.

The man whispered some advice to his ear before waving his hand.

“Get it done immediately according to my instructions.”


His assistant nodded before hurrying out of the office.

With a gloomy gaze, the man picked up the report from his table as his lips curled into a cold arch.

Since she was going to do this, he would not mind eliminating her entirely!

At the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland in the United States.

Song Enya stood by the window, admiring the nightscape.

The glass reflected her pale and lifeless face.

On her third day here in the states, she was arranged to stay at this hospital.

She followed the tasks set by the doctor and worked hard to recuperate her health as she waited for the best time to be inseminated.

Her present state was not that great, so she needed some time to recuperate.

She was worried, though, that the longer things dragged, the easier it was for her plan to fall through and be exposed.

She had to rush and complete this task before that happened.

This missy knew that, this time, she was putting all her eggs in one basket.

Therefore, there was no room for failure.

In fact, she had been thinking of doing this for a long time.

However, she kept hesitating to push through with it, wondering if she should truly do it.

After she saw Mu Yazhes heartlessness, though, she decided that she needed to go through with it, even if she was risking it all.

She did not alarm anyone, even her brother and mother, when she left the hospital and secretly boarded a plane to America.

She was determined and did not have second thoughts about her plan.

This idea did not come about overnight.

Previously, she had already carefully planned things out and made sure that all arrangements were satisfactory.

Her status was unimpeded, with no resistance at all.

Relying on her powerful connections in the country, she got everything she wanted without requiring much effort.

Right now, all she needed to do was wait until she had recuperated enough to receive the artificial insemination.

She believed that this was a surefire, and that everything was progressing in an orderly manner.

She refused to let anything step on her toes.

This plan could only succeed; it was not allowed to fail!

There was no way for her to back out of this.

She could only throw all her heart into it and move forward!

A knock was heard at the door.

Without turning around, Song Enya responded fluently in English.

“Come in.”


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