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Youyou held his head up in his hand as he looked at her quietly.

“Mommy,” he suddenly said.


The boy wanted to continue but stopped himself.

In the end, he did not say anything else.

“I just wanted to call you! Its been so many days; Ive missed you.”

Warmth whelmed his mothers heart, and she kneeled to give him a gentle kiss on his glabella.

“I missed you, too.”

“You said so, but you didnt return home earlier.” He huffed indignantly before returning the kiss on her cheek.

Seeing his indignant yet lovable expression, the woman smiled with a heart full of adoration.

She loved seeing such a cute expression on her son.

He was like a lovable fairy.

Halfway through, the boy insisted on helping her with the dishes.

She refused him.

Although the water was hot, it was in the middle of winter, and her heart could not bear to watch him endure housework.

Therefore, she was adamant on washing the dishes alone.

The boy could only let her be.

“Mommys hands are so pretty.

My heart will ache if your hands turn rough after washing so many dishes.”

“My heart hurts, too, when my son washes the dishes.”



I know you love me!”

Just as they were done, Little Yichen returned home.

She accompanied her boys in watching TV before coaxing them to bed.

In the dead of the night.

After showering, Yun Shishi lay in bed.

However, she could not fall asleep no matter how much she tossed and turned.

Outside, the night was tranquil, but the quieter it was, the more unsettled she felt.

Would he come back tonight

She had not given him a call yet after returning to the capital.

It felt as if she and the man were having a cold war.

She closed her eyes, suddenly feeling upset.

At around midnight, the roaring sound of a cars engine was heard from afar.

Shortly after, the engine was switched off in the garage.

Her chest tightened at that moment.

This felt like déjà vu.

This was similar to that night from seven years ago.

She had been arranged to wait quietly for his arrival in a villa by the sea.

She had also heard the cars engine turning off as it was parked in front of the villa and the sound of his heavy footsteps coming closer and closer.

She had been so restless then, not knowing what kind of man would appear in front of her.

The mood now was just as nerve-racking.

The woman suddenly heard the door being pushed open, accompanied by slight movements.

It seemed that he had walked into the living room and was resting on the couch.

She was feeling even more unsettled as each second went by like a century.

He was home.

At this time, she should be opening the bedroom door ecstatically to welcome his return, but since their unhappy departure previously, it was now a little awkward.

She hid beneath the covers.

This is how tiring it feels to be in a cold war with someone, huh.

She wanted to hug him tightly and share all her inner thoughts, but she did not dare to do so.

Mu Yazhe did not seem to know about her return.

After sitting in the living room for a while, he went into the dining room and poured a cup of water to drink.

Despite how soundproofed their walls were, she could still hear his footsteps in the living room amid the tranquility.

Immediately after, she heard him walking toward their bedroom.

Her heart was hanging in the air.

The door was suddenly opened with a click.

The man was astonished when he saw the lump in the bed. Shes back!

Why didnt she tell me

The woman clenched her lips tightly and stayed hidden under the covers.

Afraid to lift her head to look, she decided to feign sleep.

She did not know how to face him.

Therefore, she feigned sleep to avoid an awkward situation.


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