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He became unexpectedly quiet upon hearing her questions.

He looked at Yun Shishi with a complex gaze, his eyes filled with unexplainable emotions.

Suddenly, his lips curled into a smile as he retracted his gaze and looked at the rich lady gently.

“How can that be Xiaoya, the person I love the most is you.”

The actress was taken aback, and she looked at the actor in disbelief.

A million thoughts ran through her head before she understood.

This lady, judging from her arrogant and rude demeanor, as well as her attitude toward the man…

Could she be the rumored financial backer of Hua Jin

Seeing his accommodating attitude toward her, she probably did not have a simple status.

She could tell from his loving words that it was all an act.

No matter how refined his acting was, he could not deceive her even if he managed to deceive the other woman.

He was lying, but what she did not know was that, to the young man, such endearing words had nothing to do with the pain he was feeling inside.

He may seem very loving on the outside, but he was actually extremely cold and detached on the inside.

She looked at him, only to see the latter smiling gently, love surfacing in his eyes as he looked at the lady.

“You know that I love you the most, yet you hurt me by testing my feelings with such questions.”

Lin Xueyas expression became slightly relaxed as she cast a glance at the artist arrogantly.

From how she behaved, it was evident that the rich lady was feeling victorious.

“I dont like it when you are with other women,” she said, pointing at the actress scornfully in command.

“I want her to disappear from my sight.”


“Right now.”

Her voice was not loud, but her expression was icy, and her tone was resolute.

The man bit his lower lip silently.

He tugged on his bedsheets tightly before looking at Yun Shishi with a cold gaze.

“You should leave.”

His coldness was heart-wrenching for some reason.

The actress knew that he was acting.

At that moment, the person he wished to stay by his side the most was her and not this lady, but he was feigning coldness because he wanted to protect her.

The affluent woman was probably no simple character for him to be this much worried of her getting hurt.

Thus, he was putting up a heartless front.

The lady cast the actress a sidelong glance.

“Didnt you hear him Get lost quickly and stop being an eyesore here.”

Ji Yuqi gently tugged on Yun Shishis sleeve as she reminded her kindly.

“Lets go!”

Seeing the artists indifference, the agent firmly spoke into her ear through gritted teeth.

“Leaving now is caring for him.

This lady isnt someone you can afford to offend.

If you are really thinking about things for his sake, hurry and leave.”

She glanced at the female manager and bit her lower lip but still did not make any movement to leave.

The female agent practically had to drag her away.

Hua Jin watched her from time to time as she departed.

He held onto the sheets tightly.

His heart was aching to the point of having difficulty breathing.

“What Cant bear to see her leave”

Lin Xueya laughed coldly.

He took a deep breath and leaned back against the bed.

His gaze was empty beyond belief.

“I dont have any improper thoughts about her.”

“No improper thoughts”

She snorted coldly before sitting down on the edge of the bed and spoke expressionlessly.

“The way you look at her is different.

Did you think I wouldnt be able to tell”

“Dont let your thoughts run wild.”

She suddenly held onto him.

Not caring that he still had wounds on his body, she hugged him tightly and spoke in an autocratic manner, “You are mine.

You will always be mine.

No one can ever take you away from me!”


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