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His wound had healed so fast that the stitches could come off within a week, but he was actually not looking forward to it.

The idol really enjoyed his time in the hospital with the actress, who was taking care of his every need.

It was a short but memorable time for him.

Alas, he had to have two unexpected visitors just before his discharge.

His manager appeared with another woman.

Looking at the ward entrance when he saw them turn up, uninvited, the smile on his face froze instantly.


What is she doing in Sea City

Didnt she say that she would be doing a course in Japan and wouldnt be in the country for some time Why is she here…

He was caught off guard and his frustration was written clearly on his face and taut lips.

Yun Shishi was feeding him some porridge when she looked in the direction of his gaze.

She was surprised to see a well-dressed lady standing at the ward entrance.

It was a young lady with an expensive fur coat on her.

Like her namesake, she was tall, lanky, and elegant.

Lin Xueya1.

The makeup on her face was impeccable—well drawn-out, slender eyebrows, thin and smooth eyeliner which hooked up seductively at the corner of the eyes, porcelain-white skin, and tantalizing flaming-red lips.

These went well with the fragrance that she wore which wafted right into their nostrils even from a distance.

She was mysterious and captivating.

The actress could see a small beauty mark on the tip of her nose that did not reduce the womans attractiveness in the least; in fact, it added to her seduction.

What a beautiful woman.

She tried hard to find an appropriate description for this lady but could not think of an apt term for it at all.

If she really needed to describe this stranger, she would liken the lady to a rose.

A stalk of brilliant red rose with thorns—the one that pricked readily.

The woman looked as if she were ready to bite.

The actress glanced at the actor quizzically, and when her gaze returned to the door, she could see the woman staring intimidatingly at her.

It was not a lethal look, but she could sense the latters hostility as if she had invaded the womans territory and demanded her to leave immediately.

Lin Xueya slowly walked into the room in her high heels.

The sound of them knocking against the floor with every step of hers seemed to pierce the man on the bed.

“What are you doing here”

“Why Why cant I come here”

The lady sniggered and glanced briefly at the actress before returning her eyes onto the actor.

Her exquisite makeup, especially her dark and defined eyes, somehow looked frightening enough to send chills down ones spine when coupled with the frosty smile on her face.

Her beauty was obnoxious and intimidating.

Come to think of it; Song Enya might also be described as elegant and graceful, but the young missy could not hold a candle next to the lady here.

The elegance was inherent and oozed effortlessly from this woman.

Only a true blue-blood could hold such natural charisma.

He pulled his lips taut momentarily before replying awkwardly, “I thought youre in Japan.”

“Why didnt you tell me that you got injured”

The lady asked as she walked up and stared down at the actress next to the bed.

“This is my seat.” The woman standing was heard speaking with her red lips barely moving.

Yun Shishi was momentarily dazed.

“Give way.”

A command followed suit.

The woman was proud and regal, without a trace of courtesy in her words.

The artist replied with a smile, “Im feeding him porridge because hes hungry.”

“I didnt say you could speak.”

Looking displeased, the woman leaned over and asked her assistant, “Yuqi, who is this woman”


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