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Yun Shishi recoiled from her, but it was unfortunately to no avail.

The madwoman seemed to be determined to end this feud in mutual destruction.

Her feet shifted slightly to the back; her body was suddenly tilting over the edge!

The actress lost her balance and got dragged along with her due to Mu Wanrous firm grip on her and inertia.


Hua Jins anguished cry could be heard from behind.

“Ha ha ha! Yun Shishi, lets go to hell together!”

In the second before their free fall and plummet to the ground, the crazy woman let out an unbridled laughter toward the sky as she shouted a curse at her enemy.

Being caught off guard, the actress got brought to the very edge.


To think losing ones center of gravity can be so scary.

The boundless sky is awaiting me below.

The way one will look following a fall from such a height must be horrible to look at.

It was like time had frozen at that moment.

Images of her horrifying death, followed by Youyous and Little Yichens innocent smiles, flashed across her mind.



I cant die!

I cant die!

The strong instinct to survive made her regain her senses.

As she anxiously gasped for breath, she noticed that she was about to fall off the rooftop!

In that split second, the woman seemed startlingly calm while she desperately searched for a way to save herself.

Suddenly, she managed to wrap her arms tightly around a steel pipe along the rooftops edge and barely managed to steady herself using it.

Her body, however, was dangling off the building.

She took a quick peek below, where a bustling city bathed in neon lights, with heavy traffic, greeted her.

Humans looked like little ants from this height.

Fear and uneasiness from being at such a high altitude, however, kept her from taking another glance down below.

It was only out of her peripheral view that she saw Mu Wanrous relaxed, free-falling body.

She was still letting out that shrill and maddening laughter.

The way she floated in the air was just like a thin, piece of paper drifting in the cold wind.

It was one poignant sight.

One could see how fragile human lives were at this moment.

All it took was a gust of cold wind from the rooftop for one to come drifting toward the ground.

Soon, a deafening crash was heard.

Even at an altitude of over a hundred meters, one could still clearly capture the impact of a body hitting the ground, much less the spine-chilling, startled screams of passersby.

Yun Shishi shut her eyes at once, tremendously shocked to witness firsthand a death.

Tears soon leaked from the corners of her eyes.

While shedding tears, she clung onto the steel pipe for her dear life, desperately keeping a grip on the gap.

Alas, the strength in her arms was simply not enough to support her entire weight.

In the past, she would always feel anxious and incompetent whenever she saw people climbing cliffs on TV.

Experiencing it for herself now, she realized how delicate and fragile a human body was.

She was near deaths door and did not know how long more she could hold on in this helpless yet precarious situation.

Her life might be lost just like that should she let her guard down for a second or even relax just one finger!

The thought of herself crashing onto the ground and her life ending in the most horrendous way with her body twisted and head cracked frightened her out of her wits.

The woman had always thought herself to be very brave and to be unafraid of death.

However, in the face of a life-and-death situation now, she realized how much she feared death and understood that no one could be so strong to the point that they would be unfazed by it.

“Hang in there, Shishi…”

A feeble voice was heard right then.


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