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Chapter 1972: Highly Anticipated

She had paid special attention to the list of shortlisted names, and from what she could tell, the competition was very stiff.

Lin Fengtian needed the skillset to stand out and win.

Of course, his background was as important as his talent.

The artist really hoped that the director would be able to clinch the award—not because of any personal benefits but because he was such a talent in her eyes.

Although the guy did not need an award to prove himself, she felt that, among the nominated directors, no one was on par with his influence and work attitude.

The esteemed guest awarding the Director of the Year was the most famous veteran actor in the world of movies, Chen Haimin.

This veteran actor was past his prime at the age of fifty.

Moreover, he was diagnosed with cancer last year and spent half a year fighting before finally defeating the serious illness.

He had since returned to the world of movies and filmed a few shows, becoming highly acclaimed.

Despite being old, he still wore a smart, Chinese tunic suit.

As he stood on stage and gave his signature smile, he still seemed full of vigor.

He had just greeted everyone, yet the audience had already broken into a thunderous applause.

“After being separated from the stage for three years, it feels like Im finally back home as I stand here before you during this awards ceremony.

To everyone in the audience, please let me have the honor to present this sacred and stately award.”

The applause was heard again.

“The role of the director in movies is also to lead the movies and television to new heights.

Like the highest-ranking commander in the army, the troops success or failure depends on his or her leadership ability.

After several hundred years, our domestic film circle saw the presence of many outstanding directors.

However, I believe that the talent of a director isnt solely dependent on the box-office sales.

The qualities, cultivation, and the respectful attitude they have toward movies, are important elements to consider.

The person to receive this prestigious award today is also one of the best directors in my heart.

I was lucky enough to have worked with him in a couple of movies.

What I will never forget is his highly professional and respectful work attitude.

Im sure everyone should be able to guess who Im talking about!”

Chen Haimin smiled and looked at the cue card before sweeping his gaze across the audience off stage.

The crowd went wild.

With this hint, most could guess who it was.

Lin Fengtian, who was sitting in the front row, suddenly squinted his eyes and smiled.

Yun Shishi held her managers hand nervously.

“I have a feeling that Director Lin will have a chance!”

Qin Zhou could not help but tease her.

“Youre not even the one getting the award; why are you so excited”

“His award is worth more than mine; how can I not be excited”

In the moment that she was feeling nervous, Chen Haimins deep voice was heard from the stage.

“This years Director of the Year goes to… LIN FENGTIAN! For his work,The Green Apple!”

Amid the thunderous applause, Lin Fengtian got up from his seat and walked slowly up the stage under everyones eyes.

Chen Haimin hugged him and handed the award over before letting him have the microphone.

It was now time for his speech.

The director of the year stood in front of the microphone and raised the award gently with a smile on his face.

“Im very honored—truly honored—to be the recipient of this prestigious award! This trophy cup is heavy, which is a coagulation of the acknowledgment and love Im feeling from you guys.

Again, Im extremely honored.”

He looked at the audience.

His gaze was a lot gentler under the spotlight compared to his strict expression during shoots.


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