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Once she took her seat, the senior starlet glanced sideways at the rookie actress and flashed her a contemptuous smile before turning to look straight ahead with seemingly no respect for the latter.

“How gorgeous she looks.

Shes just as splendid as a proud peacock.”

It was a heartfelt compliment from Yun Shishi.

Her manager scoffed.

“Gorgeous Dont be fooled by her appearance.

Give her a basin of makeup remover, and youll find an old, rural woman.

Could she even be your match if you were to apply that sort of makeup now, too”

His reply rendered the artist speechless.


Having a highly sensitive hearing, Han Yuyans ears pricked and heard what the star agent had said about her.

He did not hide from her, either.

In fact, his comments were perhaps deliberately directed at her.

What the veteran heard made her seethe in rage. Is Qin Zhou out to embarrass me with his savageness

Alas, there was nothing she could do about it, given the status he held.

No amount of glory could give her the guts to make an enemy out of him.

She barely managed to keep herself and her anger in check as she clenched her fists tightly enough for her sharp nails to puncture her flesh.

Following which, the actress plastered an elegant smile on her face and feigned ignorance as she stared straight ahead like a proud queen.

After the long, torturous rehearsal, the awards ceremony was finally underway at eight oclock in the evening.

Yang Mi and Li Jiuxian were the emcees of this event.

According to the top manager, the superstar and Han Yuyan were set to be the emcees of this film festival.

However, along with the banning of the superstar, the name list of the emcees changed, too.

It just so happened that Huanyu was actively pushing and supporting the pair on stage.

The two had co-starred in a popular TV series, which was enjoying high ratings at present.

The hosting duo of this ceremony usually comprised a male and a female, though of course, there was also the occasional combination of two male celebs.

Alas, these two visually attractive emcees seemed to be of insufficient standing in the industry, considering the impressive cast lineup—Han Yuyan had graced the event with her attendance, after all.

While Yang Mi was considered good enough with the popularity she got, that could not be said for Li Jiuxian, who was not faring quite well in the fame department.

Nevertheless, they were greeted with thunderous applause and cheers by the audience upon their appearance on stage.

With an honored smile, the female host began her opening spiel.

“Its a privilege to appear on this stage today before you as one of the film fests emcees.

To be honest, I still feel quite nervous to be up here, facing so many seniors in the industry.

Im dedicating my first hosting experience to the Golden Eagle Film Festival.

As a rookie host, I may be lacking in terms of experience, but please give me this chance to express my deepest respect and earnestness for this event.”

Thereafter, she bowed deeply to the audience with a hand placed on her chest, earning herself another round of applause from those below.

It was then her partners turn to give his opening speech, and Li Jiuxian managed to liven up the venues atmosphere with just a few words.

Like always, the film festivals opening was very dry and dull, with each VIP guest giving a speech.

The awards ceremony would only begin after several performances.

The first round of awards to be presented was the Director of the Year and the Film of the Year, with the former being first up.

The screen then began playing a video clip of the shortlisted names and their representative works, which, unsurprisingly included Lin Fengtian.

The nominees were the fair winners of the online voting, which had been held over two weeks before the film festival.

Out of the ten contenders, only one would eventually emerge as the victor to receive the said prestigious award.

Lin Fengtian had one of the highest numbers of votes right from the start of the poll.

The skyrocketing ofThe Green Apple, along with its raving reviews, made him one of the most viable candidates to bag the Best Director.

Only then did Yun Shishi finally feel a little tense.

She had paid special attention to the list of shortlisted names, and from what she could tell, the competition was very stiff.


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