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Qin Zhou could sense the disappointment in his charge, which was hard to hide despite the bright smile on her lips as it showed faintly in her eyes.

Even so, the artist greeted her enthusiastic fans and the reporters with warm smiles and waves from time to time.

She answered all the interview questions flawlessly, too.

Once the interview was over, he led her over to the main venue.

The artist appeared to be very low-key tonight as compared to the other female celebrities, who strove hard to strut off their stuff in front of all the cameras; they even shamelessly refused to leave the red carpet when the hosts tried to shoo them away.

As soon as she signed the signature board, the artist answered a few questions from the reporters; she then rushed toward the main venue.

Her actions left everyone feeling baffled since this was the time when she should be vying with everyone for on-screen time and limelight.

Somehow, though, she seemed to have the intention to stay away from it.

How strange!

The artist-manager duo headed straight to the seating area the moment they entered the venue.

Out of concern for his artist, Qin Zhou sat in Mu Yazhes seat to keep the lone woman company despite having his designated seat.

Seated alongside them were several starlets, who were well-received in the industry.

They were the first ones to arrive at that row of seats, and when they were making their way over to their places, they noticed the name card plastered on the seat next to Yun Shishis.

“Mu Yazhe Isnt that the Mu Groups head Will he be attending tonights film festival”

“I dont think so.

Hes notorious for keeping a low profile, after all.

Even though hes the big boss of Huanyu, he rarely appears before the publics eyes.

Theres even a case of him mercilessly banning a reporter just because the latter secretly took pictures of him; how could he possibly appear in this event”

“…Thats the name written on the seat tag, though, and its right next to Yun Shishis!”

“Could he… be here with her”

Curious whispers surrounded them.

Everyone was excited at the thought that they might be sitting in the same row with such a big shot.

After all, few dared to dream of getting up close and personal with that legendary tycoon.

Their high hopes were dashed when the manager and his charge came in and took their respective seats.

It appeared to them that the organizers had truly just made a mistake in printing the wrong name on the seat tag.

This was only natural for them to think so.

After all, who would ever expect the man with such lofty status to attend such a small-scale film festival

The annual Golden Eagle Film Festival might be the most influential and grandest event in their local industry, but the man had never made an exception to attend the event before.

Not long after the newbie actress took her seat, Han Yuyan made her way into the venue as the finale entrance.

Dressed in an exceedingly sexy gown from Louis Vuittons latest F/W collection, which was matched by her exquisite, vamperish makeup, the veteran actress soon became the focus on the entire venue.

Even the rookie actress was amazed by her show-stopping look when she took a glance at the latter.

To be fair, she did look stunning in this ensemble, especially with the way she carried herself like a queen; this was unlike the newbies gentle temperament.

It had been years since she gained a firm footing in the industry.

Apart from being nominated and winning numerous major awards in international film fests, she was also a steady box-office seller with her outstanding performance.

With such glorious accolades added to her belt, she became an eminent queen of acting.

One could even say that the title of the ultimate female A-lister in showbiz belonged exclusively to Han Yuyan.

The thing was, she had, unfortunately, been arranged to be seated in the same row as Yun Shishi.


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