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It was four in the afternoon when the plane touched down in Sea City.

With the winter season approaching, the weather had turned cold at this point.

As they walked out of the airport, they could feel the temperature dipping further.

Coincidentally, Hua Jin had booked in the same hotel as the actress.

She went to get ready for the event with her gown and makeup inside the hotel room.

Styling could be a time-consuming affair.

After more than an hour of dressing and applying makeup, the artist stood facing her reflection in the full-length mirror.

Everything was just right; she was elegant and stunning without being showy.

By the time she arrived at the venue in her Bentley, the red carpet at the entrance was already in an uproar.

The freezing weather did not stop the artists from doing all they could to become the talking point of this film festival.

Lingering on the carpeted walkway, they flaunted their stuff shamelessly in their backless or plunge dresses, trying to get as much media attention as possible.

All the reporters were in position by then, their cameras with long lenses flashing nonstop.

Flanking either side of the few hundred meters of red carpet, loyal fans and followers held their fort with banners of their favorite artists.

Of course, there was also no lack of supporters engaged by the artists to boost their presence.

Excitement filled the air, but the woman was not bothered by it in the least.

Without her husband next to her, the much-anticipated film festival had lost its meaning.

Her nervousness was gone by now, though that could not be said of her manager.

He was suddenly feeling nervous.

This was not his first time on the red carpet; he used to do this with his artists in the past.

He often drew stares when he walked abreast with Gu Xingze then.

Still, it was different this time around.

“Shishi, lets alight.”

He got out of the vehicle first and then gave his hand to help her down.

With her hand holding the hemline and her other hand holding her managers, she elegantly alighted from the car and walked down the aisle.

Despite her low spirit, she put on a bright smile and graceful demeanor as she faced the onslaught of flashes going off around her; she tried to showcase her best angles before the camera.

A beguiling smile soon spread on her lips following a deep inhalation.

She was too beautiful for words.

Her presence on the red carpet with her manager quickly attracted the attention of many.

Qin Zhou had achieved legendary status in showbiz.

Even though he was only a star agent, his reputation preceded many artists.

He had single-handedly raised Gu Xingze to fame and was the force behind the superstars decade-long glory and success.

Maintaining a low profile offscreen, he had created countless miracles for the superstar.

There was another reason for his hype.

As someone working offstage, he was surprisingly good-looking.

In fact, many young hunks in showbiz could not hold a candle to him.

There was nothing exceptional about him appearing with the actress at the ceremony.

As everyone knew, she was an artist he had been grooming since the start; hence, to see him bringing his charge was not unexpected.

Nevertheless, the man felt sorry for her.

It was supposed to be Mu Yazhe walking down the red carpet with her, after all.

If the one walking with her was her husband now, then no one would be able to top the news other than her.

As her partner, the man could bear down anyone with his charisma and reputation in this event.

Alas, he was absent sans a reason.


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