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Chapter 137: Properly dressed

“Shishi, you deserves the best.”

It’s only a short sentence, but it sounds like a spring breeze as Gu Xingze continue to look at her with a gentle smile.

Yun Shishi felt shy and attered: “Gu Xingze … why are you being so nice to me”

“I don’t know!” Gu Xingze said light, “Maybe because you let people think dearly of you.”

“Thank you!” Yun Shishi sincerely said.


Tonight’s Cocktail Party is the 10th anniversary of Universal Entertainment Company.

This party brought together the big stars, famous directors, and investors.

And as well some international media reporters to witnessed this event.

Universal Entertainment Company is formerly known as Universal Music Group.

They took a lot of gold awards from other recording company and also produced a lot popular singer that triumph in the music market.

But later on, the recording industry reach the slump.

So, Universal Music Group quickly reaches the bottom.

Until Emperor Sheng Foundation bought their company and ofcially changed its name to Universal Entertainment Company.

And also bringing the four ace manager to continue their legend.

And unconsciously, the Universal Entertainment Company has reached its tenth year since it was established.

So, tonight’s cocktail party must be unprecedented.

No wonder that those old and young unknown model or artist wants to attend this annual party.

They deliberately want to go and show their face on the red carpet.

Who knows if they accidentally got discover and turn around their fate.

After all, they also know that it’s not only the well-known director and producer will attend the party, but also the president of Emperor Sheng Foundation himself.

Emperor Sheng Foundation’s president is the sole heir of Mu Family’s Consortium! The biggest and the most inuential family in the Capital!

Mu Yazhe has always been mysterious.

All the news about him is only groundless issues because he stayed mysterious and rarely seen. 

When all the ladies and daughters from the aristocratic family heard the news.

They all carefully dressed themselves to leave a deep impression in front of the most distinguished president and get some of his attention.

How about his ancee

The Mu Family is such a rich family, so adding two to three more rooms to their mansion is not a big deal.

ChairmanMu Sheng on his younger years had three wives.

But, Mu Yazhe’s father is his legitimate son to his legal wife.

So, Chairman Mu Sheng really love his grandson.

Therefore, a lot of high-class aristocratic family attended tonight’s cocktail party just to see the Mu Family’s heir.

It doesn’t matter if they can’t get Mu Yazhe’s attention, as long as they’ll be able to get a connection to any member of Mu Family.

That alone can already be considered climbing the dragon’s bed.

Therefore, all the media reporter got shocked and were full of awe in anticipation.

It’s too extravagant … too amazing!

They’re not only looking forward to seeing him but also to make connections with Mu Family. 

* In order to participate in this event, Yun Na deliberately gritted her teeth and spent two thousand yuan to rent a grand Bentley car.

The Bentley car arrived at the specied venue and stop in front of the entrance.

Yun Na quickly xes her dress and the beautiful jewelry on her neck.

She made sure that it was on it’s best angle and made sure that the media will immediately notice it.

In order to greatly expose herself, Yun Na painstakingly, unavoidably and strive to present herself perfectly.

And made herself photogenic.

Well, Yun Shishi doesn’t really deserve to attend such party.

She just needs to spend her time with her wild species son and obediently watch TV shows and look at how beautiful she is!

Yun Na viciously lamented.

The driver opens up the car door on behalf of her, Yun Na immediately reveals her awless smile.

She proudly raises her chin, shows her straight back and gently swept away her hair in her shoulder.

And then she elegantly walks near the red carpet. 

Her appearance instantly attracted the attention of many women.

Their line of sight that was full of shock and praise was focusing on her neck.

Especially, on that very valuable necklace.



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