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“Come in.” Song Enya interrupted the servant coldly while widening the gap in the door.

Her calmness left Song Yunxi feeling even more strange and worried.

He would rather she cry and make a fuss, complaining to him in indignation and being unreasonable, than see her looking as if she had lost her mind.

The servant did not think much about it.

As if having just received amnesty, she hurriedly brought the dishes in respectfully with her head down.

When the servant walked back out, the missy was ready to close the door again.

Her brother swiftly blocked her from doing so.

“Hold it!”

She was a little slow in her actions and turned to look at him dazedly.

Her eyes remained lifeless, causing one to feel a bit terrified.

She was still alive, but she seemed dead.

“Whats the matter with you” questioned her brother sternly.

“Look at you; why did you let yourself end up like this! This is outrageous!”

“Its none of your business,” replied Song Enya serenely.

Her words were cold.

Song Yunxi was enraged from embarrassment and reprimanded her harshly, “Get your facts right! What do you mean it is none of my business I am your brother! You are the sister I dote on the most.

How can I not care about you”

Hearing this, a shred of emotion finally appeared on the ladys face.

Alas, it was a look of cold mockery.

“Your words sound pleasant to the ear.

Tell me, then; how do you plan to care about me”


Her words undoubtedly left the young chap stunned and speechless.

He did not know how to answer her sharp question.

“How do you plan to care”

His sister smiled at him indifferently.

A look of sorrow appeared on her haggard face.

“Brother, I must be very laughable to you, right In everyones eyes, I disregarded ethics and fell in love with a man I am not supposed to.

I must be a joke to you, right”


She expressed a look of extreme impatience.

“You dont have to answer that.

I know what youre thinking, so you dont need to care about me.

Just care about yourself, alright”

“But…” He thought hard for a moment and was about to speak when his sister rebuffed him firmly and icily.

“You dont need to care about me, and you wont be able to care well about me, either.

I will make my decisions.

You have no place to call the shots for me.”

Just as she moved to close the door, her brother yelled, “This is absurd!”

Song Enyas back stilled.

Song Yunxi gritted his teeth in anger.

“You are going too far! Everyone is so worried about you, yet you let yourself end up looking like this all because of a man! Would you die without him”

“I will.”

Her words sounded as light as a feather to his ears yet particularly firm.

She turned around with a distressed and resolute smile on her face.

“I will die.”

He was suddenly left without any words.

His sister smiled dimly as she uttered each word, “I love him more than my life.”

She slammed the door shut after saying that, leaving her brother standing frozen outside the room.

“Fine! Since you dont want me to care about you, fine! I dont want to care about you anymore, either!”

He turned around and headed down the stairs.

Jiang Qimeng walked over and asked worriedly, “How is it Enya—”

“Whats the point of caring about her She is courting disaster, telling us not to care about her.

What else can I say”

His mother was utterly worried.

Looking anxious, she let out a helpless sigh.

“That lass is just too stubborn! Why is her temper so horrible”

He pulled his tie off and sat down on the couch, complaining impatiently, “Mom, this temper of hers was caused by you and dads upbringing!”


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