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Since she had only recently made her debut, she would be attending the awards ceremony as a newbie.

Qin Zhou emphasized that she should not try to steal the edge and just walk quietly down the red carpet with Mu Yazhe.

Thereafter, she should wait for the distribution of the awards.

Stars would be everywhere as celebrities gathered at the venue.

The best actors and actresses, as well as the highly experienced artists, would all be attending the ceremony.

Some celebrities were easy to interact with and gracious, while others had a strange temper.

The latter type was extremely sensitive and had strong hostility and wariness toward the newbies.

The artist must take note of this.

She should take the initiative in greeting the seniors and ought to accept humbly any advice from them.

If she met any unfriendly celebrities, she should interact with them peacefully.

After all, she was still a greenhorn with unstable footing in showbiz at present.

Being ostracized by others was relatively normal.

No matter which territory it was, newbies would always find it hard to mix in.

Everyone had been a newbie before.

Even a submissive daughter-in-law would one day become a domineering mother-in-law.

Those with much experience would naturally act like a bigger shot and put on airs.

She should just cater to them a little and avoid any unnecessary disputes.

To be honest, Qin Zhou was rather worried that Yun Shishi would be ostracized during the awards ceremony.

After all, she was a newbie with strong momentum.

Along with several billion box-office sales, and now withThe Green Apple breaking the record for the most-watched Chinese film, many people were hostile toward her and had a good deal of conjectures.

However, he later found out that his charge would be walking the red carpet with Chairman Mu, and they were arranged to sit together at the ceremony, too.

With that mans presence, she would likely not have to deal with much trouble.

After a while, the manager sent over the medias interview script.

Some of the important points were laid out and the safe answers had already been drafted as well.

He had her memorize everything and be spontaneous when the need arose.

As she sighed at his attentiveness and consideration, she could not help but ask, “Will there be interviews during the awards ceremony”

“It isnt an exclusive interview but a routine interview with all the staff of theThe Green Apple.

They are very simple questions, so its fine if you just adlib some and recite a line for others.

Ive already informed the media, and there will be no tricky questions.”

“As long as there are no crafty questions, its fine.”

“Dont worry.

The media outlets have already communicated with us earlier.

The questions in the script you are holding now are what they will be asking that day.

Memorize everything written in it and answer accordingly.”


After ending the call with Qin Zhou, she scrolled through Weibo for a while.

Unsurprisingly, she received explosive shares of her Weibo and a hundred thousand likes.

This was what it meant to be famous, huh.

She did not feel like much had changed after gaining popularity.

As a public figure, she had to sacrifice many things in her private life.

Apart from that, there was not much difference.

Perhaps this was because she had a better attitude and managed to adapt to things quickly.

As usual, she went to the Weibo of Gu Xingze, whose latest post was a picture of himself half-naked in the bathroom.

That was the promise he had made for their film breaking box-office record.

After this post, there was no other activity from him.

He had really vanished without a trace.

Besides not having any scandals or announcements, Mu Yazhes bans on him were all around.

All the commercials he had endorsed were down from TV.

Although it was due to the contracts, some print commercials from huge brands still appeared at shopping malls.

However, from Qin Zhous understanding, the superstar had accepted many scripts and commercials this year, but because of the ban, everything was canceled.


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