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The female host pretended to shake her head.

“I dont believe you.

Can I touch it”

“Oh, dear! You should let me do such a good thing first!” The male host tried to beat the female host in giving it a try.

The audience laughed benevolently.

“How about letting her do it I see that Sister Xing isnt convinced that this is my bare face,” said Yun Shishi bashfully.

“Indeed, I have some doubts about it because there isnt much difference between your face with and without makeup.” The female host then turned to the audience.

“We know that there are few women who have such perfect skin, so for the sake of the shows impartiality, we have the right to doubt if the makeup is all wiped clean; isnt that right, guys”

“Yes!” responded the audience.

“Shall we invite someone from the audience to give it a try with me”

A few spectators raised their hands eagerly.

Although she was beginning to feel that she had fallen into a trap, the actress did not feel guilty even the least bit as she knew well that all her makeup had been removed.

The female host walked down the stage and swept her gaze across the crowd.

She pointed randomly to a lady with exquisite makeup.

When the guest went up the stage, she asked, “Beautiful lady, may I ask what your occupation is”

“I am a cosmetics expert.”

“Oh, dear! You should be experienced in this, then!” The female host laughed.

The male host at the side could only follow along with this segment.

“A cosmetics expert is definitely a professional!”

“Id like to invite you to look first.

Has the makeup been removed from Ms.

Shishis face”


The guest walked up to the actress and moved in closer to look.

Thereafter, she touched her skin with her hand carefully before a look of surprise flashed across her eyes.

“How is it”

Yun Shishi looked at her with a beautiful smile.

The guest was momentarily stunned and then nodded her head distractedly.

“Its all been removed!”


The female host did not believe it still.

She, thus, went forward herself and touched the artists face to dispel the doubts in her heart.

She was truly bare-faced!

The female host was taken aback and vexed by this discovery; alas, she could not avoid announcing it to the audience.

“Our artist has truly removed all the makeup on her face.”

Yun Shishi smiled gently.

“I wiped it off twice, so my face is definitely clean.

I always make sure to fulfill whatever promises I give my fans.”

The male host instantly spoke up.

“A real goddess can surely pass the makeup-removal test! No wonder Ms.

Shishi dared to make such a big promise during the premiere.

Clearly, shes very confident of her bare face!”

“Oh, dear; I am so jealous!”

The female host presented an extremely envious expression as she asked, “Say it quickly: What skincare products are you using”

“Will this count as advertisement I havent signed any contracts yet, so I cant say anything.

Its a secret,” joked the actress.

Her humor made everyone in the audience laugh.

“Then, you can secretly leak it to me.

Im so envious of your skin.

I feel that your bare face is more natural and prettier than when you have makeup on.”

“To be honest, when it comes to skincare, I dont buy dozens of products like most girls.

As Im very particular about my health, I refrain from using too many skincare products; rather, I pay more attention to my bodys condition.

As an actress, we are constantly burning the midnight oil.

For women, this is the number-one killer.”


Women should not sleep late.

Youll realize this as you age more.

Its due to me constantly burning the midnight oil that my skin has become bad.

Adding to that, the endocrine levels in our body will be imbalanced.”


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