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Truth be told, if not for taking into consideration both families close ties and because of the Jiangs, Mu Yazhe would have long made things too difficult and embarrassing for the Songs.

At this moment, Yun Shishis heart was greatly reassured by the mans arrival.

She clung onto his arm and snorted as she threw the lady on the floor a fleeting gaze.

Deliberately putting up a spirited yet smug look, she then expressed her affections for the man to spite her love rival.

Though there was a saying,One dies faster by putting on a show of public display of affection, declaring her ownership of the man was necessary at times!

Song Enya got so incensed that her face appeared greenish and she almost coughed up blood.

The other womans ridiculing act made the rich missy feel much worse.

Under the help of her friend, she slowly climbed to her feet.

She proceeded to shoot a death glare in Yun Shishis direction, but the moment she did, Mu Yazhes sharp, icy gaze landed on her.

Mixed emotions—bitterness, embarrassment, and anger—rendered her speechless, and she parted her lips while gazing up at him with watery eyes, but just as she moved to speak, the mans voice sent her swallowing her words.

“I dont want to see you.”

These six words were more than enough to make the young missy experience deep heartbreak!

As she nibbled on her lips, she weakly cried, “Brother Mu—”

“Do you need me to have someone chase you out”

He narrowed his eyes threateningly.

Her understanding of his ability to make good of his threat led her to weigh the pros and cons with gritted teeth.

Eventually, she decided on a dignified exit.

She did not forget to send a stabbing glare in her nemesiss direction before moving to leave while fuming.

Yun Shishi muttered, “Unreasonable lass!”

When the man turned his head to her, with a poker-face, she could not help shrinking her shoulders, thinking that he would berate her.

She had just hurled nasty words at his niece and did not know how much the man had heard.

Who knew that the man would guffaw in the next second “Little thing, youve outdone yourself for once!”

From afar, he could hear her sharp, snappy retorts.

He was very much pleased to hear those.

The woman blushed slightly.

“What do you mean by that”

Her youngest son explained with a sigh, “Mommy is dumb.

What daddy means is that you havent let someone climb over your head and bully you for once.”

Yun Shishi: “…”

Little Yichens lips shriveled as he spoke indignantly.

“Where did that evil witch come from How annoying and hateful she was.

Its not enough that she harmed me; she even wanted to harm mommy!”

The woman was shocked to hear that.

“When did she harm you”

“Its all in the past—nothing worth mentioning.

In any case, even I could tell that the Song sisters arent good folks!”

His twin coolly chimed in.

“Couldnt you tell it at all That woman obviously wanted to snatch daddy from mommy.”

“Snatch daddy”

He hugged his father immediately and declared defiantly, “No way! Theyll have to get through me first!”

The younger one silently added, “There are plenty of women wanting to vie for daddy with mommy; alas, our dumb mother has no sense of crisis in this aspect at all.”

With a mischievous grin, he continued.

“Well, mommy has a lot of suitors, too!”

The woman was rendered speechless.


Mu Yazhe, who had put a hand on his forehead, was unable to keep listening.

“You two fools, go back to your seats.”

Thus, the twins returned to their seats after exchanging smiles.


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