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As the younger twin sat back and relaxed with his brothers massage, he would occasionally instruct him on the pressure to exert.

 Little Yichen was full of smiles as he kneaded away on his brothers limbs.

 “Youyou, how are you feeling Is it good”

 “Err… its only so-so,” he answered coolly, not bothering to lift an eyelid.

 Feeling defeated, the older twin bawled for a moment before pressing on with his massage with more fervor.

 “You fool, be gentler!”


 “Here and over here—you can exert more strength.”

 “Eh, eh.”

 “Woo… It feels so good.”

 “He he!”

 The older boys face broke into a proud smile and looked absolutely adorable with his smugness.

 The younger one glanced lazily at him from the corner of his eyes before giving another order.

“After massage, go hang the clothes to dry!”

 Looking crestfallen, the older twin could only nod his head unwillingly and then took the pile of laundry to the balcony sullenly.

 Youyou took a look at his brothers downcast figure and had to stifle a laugh; his face beamed into a gleeful smile.

 This fellow can be so adorable at times!


 Qin Zhou rushed to the hotel where Gu Xingze was staying and knocked on his room door.

 There was no response.

 Cocking his brow suspiciously, the manager returned to his room, which was next to the superstar, and took the spare key.

During this trip to Milan, he arranged for Yun Shishi and Gu Xingze to stay in the same hotel, and as a contingency, he had a spare key to each of their rooms.

 With the spare key, he entered the superstars hotel room, which was shrouded in darkness.

 He switched on the lights in the hall and closed the door.

When he walked past the bathroom, he could hear the sound of flooding water from within.

 Alarmed, he pushed open the unlocked door and rushed in.

The sound came from the bathtub.

 He walked to the bathtub and found no one there even though the tub was full.

The showerhead was not turned off and water continued to spill into the tub, which overflowed to the floor.

 His shoes became wet the moment he stepped inside.

 It looked as if the superstar had taken his bath and forgotten to turn off the tap.

 This probably meant that he did not attend the gala earlier and returned straight away to the hotel.

 Frowning, he turned off the tap.

He wondered how bad the flooding would be if he had not come in on time to turn off the water.

 He walked to the bedroom and saw that the full-length window to the balcony was open.

 The bedroom was a large suite and the balcony was an open-air observation deck, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows.

 The chilly evening breeze could be felt through the window, sending the curtains fluttering without stop.

 The bedroom was cold from the wind.

 In front of the balcony window sat a lonely figure quietly.

 Gu Xingze, in a black bathrobe, lazily leaned against the sofa with his head hanging.

His expression was hidden in the dark, but one could sense the despondency from his bearing.

 He seemed so exhausted.

 Qin Zhous gaze fell on his hand.

 Between his two fingers hang a cigarette that was about to burn down.

 On the low side table beside him, there was an ashtray full of extinguished cigarette butts.

 The manager was stunned at the sight.

 From what he could remember, the superstar hardly smoked or was a smoking addict.

The most he did was smoke a few sticks to keep awake when he needed to stay up through the night to memorize the scripts.

 He hardly smoked this much, though.

 His heart skipped a beat.

 The superstar was staring into space and failed to see his presence.

 The manager was about to call him when he saw the man on the floor lifting up his fingers to take another long drag.


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