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Chapter 1499 Are you jealous

They walked away, leaving the princess fuming mad on the spot.

After rounding a corner, the man could not help teasing her.

“Little thing, I didnt expect your mouth to be so vicious!”

He pinched her nose gently thereafter.

“Well, who asked her to be so arrogant Did she think that I was a pushover Hmph!”

She curled her lips into an adorable smile, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

The man was actually curious.

“How did you find out her status”

He had never mentioned that princess to her.

She gave him a glance before explaining, “I could guess her status from her mannerism.

She was haughty and carried a strong aristocratic presence from the very start.

Its evident that shes from a noble background.”


“Plus, her heavy French accent gave her away.

It was easy to guess her identity.”

The official language of Morokko was French.

Besides, the princesss high-and-mighty attitude was a hint to her background, and indeed, after studying her face a little closer, she could recognize her from the news on TV about the royal family.

The country had featured news about Princess Charlotte when she was officiated by the Morokkan royal family.

She happened to watch that news.

The man smiled.

“You arent totally stupid, after all!”

“Hey, Im smart; do you know” she refuted.

“No matter what, I used to be a straight-A student in school! If not, how would Youyou be so smart”

“Our baby boy is smart because hes inherited my genes.”

“Then, how come Little Yichen couldnt even solve a simple mathematical equation”

“Thats because hes inherited your stupidity.”

She was extremely provoked by his remark and scoffed.


Mu, I believe youve overlooked something else.”


“Although genes play an important role in a childs development, a nurturing environment is equally important, too.

Look at Yichen; his learning ability hasnt progressed under your coaching, whereas Youyou has developed into a splendid young man with excellent wits under my loving supervision!”

She reasoned with a smug look, her captivating eyes giving him a sidelong glance.

She was out to win this time.

“You do have a lot of excuses,” he said unceremoniously.

“What do you mean by that! Its logical reasoning, alright” she rebutted defiantly.

“Im not going to argue with you further!”

With his eyes smiling, he inched closer to her and whispered, “Were you jealous earlier” The corners of his lips hooked up mischievously.

Her face flushed abruptly the moment he uttered that question; this only made his smile get deeper and wider.

She seemed to be a woman who was extremely easy to get embarrassed.

He especially loved the way she blushed—when her adorable face would show up with rosy cheeks as she dipped her head with slightly knitted brows.

Even when embarrassed, she would continue to talk while displaying a shy and awkward look at him.

Her look tickled a spot deep within him.

As she continued to look at him in this way… he felt something burning within him.

He knew very well that his body was heating up not because of the alcohol but because of something inside him responding to her.

Hugging her, he took her to a secluded spot and cornered her between the wall and him.

His arms circled her shoulders as he leaned over.

“Answer me: Were you jealous earlier”

When she stood up to Princess Charlotte, she was recalcitrant and tough; she had never shown such defiance before.

“What are you trying to do…”





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