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Chapter 1497 I am not interested.

“Commoner, get out of the way!”

Her arrogant gesture undoubtedly angered Yun Shishi.

“Who are you Do I know you” she retorted.

Who was this woman

Why was she so arrogant

She came out of nowhere and demanded that she gave way to her in such a haughty manner.

Hearing the noise, Mu Yazhe turned around.

As his eyes registered the gorgeous figure, his brows knitted together in shock.

“What do you want”

He drew near his woman and protected her in his embrace.

He glared at Charlotte with his dignified eyes.

The moment she saw him, the ladys arrogant expression dissipated.

She brought out her dazzling smile and sidled up to him.

She hugged his arm intimately as if no one were around.

“Arther, I finally caught you this time! Its me, Charlotte! We danced together a while back.

Do you remember me”

The lady spoke in fluent French, smiling widely as she leaned her head on his shoulder.

Yun Shishi was stunned, stiffening like a rock.

She could not believe what she had just witnessed.

However, as she raised her gaze, she finally understood what was going on after seeing the mans darkened complexion.

She felt more settled in her heart.

It seemed that it was another rotten peach going in for the kill.

She simply ignored them, leaving him to deal with his problems as she turned to continue selecting her favorite desserts.

The man could not help but feel vexed.

He wanted to push her away, but the lady held on to him so tightly that he had no chance to do so.

It appeared to be doing this just for his woman to see!

She wanted to let her see how intimate she was with him!

Charlotte looked at the artist delightedly, only to see her all calm and composed as the latter savored the desserts available.

Her expression darkened at how the woman was not even sparing them a glance.

This woman had no respect for her at all!

Troubled, the man looked at her.

This princess was a terrible bundle of mess thrown to him by Mu Linfeng.

She was a member of Morokkos royal family and the beloved daughter of Grand Princess Caitlin.

Apart from her outstanding looks, she had a brilliant family background.

As one of the royal familys future successors, she had tons of admirers who were vying madly for her hands.

The Mu Group and Morokkos royal family had a great deal of contact with each other.

Therefore, his uncle harbored a lot of expectations and hope that he and this princess could join hands in matrimony.

He was naturally unaware of his uncles thinking.

Summoning him overseas was likely due to this matter.

His uncles way of taking matters into his hands and arranging the royal princess to him only resulted in the former incurring his great displeasure and hatred.

If the Mu Group could be linked with the royal family through marriage, the benefits that would come from it would undoubtedly be a huge help to their business.

However, the young man felt that this was beneath his dignity.

He especially hated using marriage as a bargaining chip in business transactions.

Moreover, he already had his sights set on a lady in his heart.

He naturally would not spare other women even a glance.

Seeing his cold expression, Charlotte could not help but feel disappointed.

She raised her goblet and said, “Arther, lets drink together, alright”

“Im not interested.”

His tone remained indifferent.

He pushed her away with a blank face, his demeanor clearly still cold.

This was a huge and heavy blow to this princess!





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