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Chapter 1489 A Perfect Couple

Mu Yazhe gently held her hand and suckled lightly on her fingertip.

The love he held in his gaze just as he lowered his eyes was enough to melt her heart.

Despite the cold wind blowing outside the car window, Yun Shishis heart was feeling warm and cozy inside.

“Hold my hand when you alight from the car, alright” He patiently instructed her as his gentle voice tried to calm down her rapid heartbeat.

The Bentley slowly came to a halt at the end of the red carpet.

From the rearview mirror, she could see many reporters swarming in to crowd around the car door.

The camera lights flashed incessantly as everyone tried to beat the rest by being the first to capture the couple.

The bodyguards immediately came forward to disperse the crowd but had little success with the feverish media.

Smiling, the man pushed open the car door, stepped out of it and, without further ado, turned to hold her hand under the constant bursts of bright flashes.

She gave her hand to him and slowly alighted as well.

Her charming cheongsam and impeccable hairdo were soon exposed in full sight.

“Oh, gosh! Its Yun Shishi…”

“Isnt she the newcomer who sat beside Gu Xingze at the fashion show”

“I remember her! Her ink-inspired gown on the red carpet was too stunning to be true!”

No one was surprised with her appearance at the gala tonight.

What they did not expect was to see the man with her on the red carpet.

Mu Yazhe—

This was a name that took the international world by storm.

As a business elite and a once up-and-coming heir to the Mu conglomerate, this man had garnered quite a few titles under his name.

Now that he was the Mu familys official head and Disheng Financial Groups CEO, his accolades had risen a few notches higher.

As it turned out, his appearance on the red carpet was the biggest surprise at this gala.

In fact, he often received a VIP invitation for the Milan Fashion Week every spring and autumn.

He would chuck it aside whenever he received one, though.

Hence, his appearance was truly befitting of a VIP.

Tonight, he looked suave and handsome in his bespoke suite.

Complementing his tall and broad frame was his chiseled profile, which held the deep-set look of European ancestry as well as eastern orientalism.

He was outstanding in every way.

At this moment, though, he had less of his usual aloofness when his eyes shone gently at the sight of the woman beside him.

His appearance on the red carpet with Yun Shishi wiped out rolls of film instantly.

The lights kept flashing nonstop, brightening the dark sky like daylight.

“Its the Mu Groups CEO, Mu Yazhe!”

“I heard hes a young business genius.”

There was quite a stir among these journalists.

No one had expected this rare guest to be the limelight in tonights gala.

He held the womans hand and walked toward the other end of the red carpet.


This is just too impressive!

There were many couples who had appeared on the red carpet together, but few were as good-looking as this pair.

The man was debonair and striking.

The woman was lovely and captivating.

They were a perfect couple!

The man was calm and composed as he held her hand.

It sent a ripple of excitement among the media personnel when the couple reached the center of the red carpet.

“Can you please stop and let us take a picture on the spot”

Both stood on the spot there and then.


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