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Chapter 1488 Who are you to fight with me

Holding such a thought, Han Yuyan refused to alight and continued to wait inside the vehicle.

Lin Zhi emerged on the scene.

Her elegant attire and exquisite makeup dazzled on the red carpet.

The international journalists did not recognize her, though, so they started to talk among themselves once they lost interest in her.

Meanwhile, the reporters from China were excited and started to take shots with their cameras.

The actress was obviously savoring this moment as she waved tirelessly at the paparazzi.

It was not easy to get onto the red carpet, so she thoroughly enjoyed the attention on her now.

Seeing that time was running short, the security approached and tried to usher her into the hall but with no success.

She refused to budge and continued to throw flying kisses at the crowd.

In the end, the security forcibly moved her along by tugging and prodding her.

Inside the car, Han Yuyan scoffed at the sight.

What a country bumpkin; obviously, she has yet to see the world!

She did not know how that actress could get a spot at the Milan Fashion Show.

All she knew was that the latter was a disgrace at this grand event.

She had no intention of appearing next to her and be mentioned with her in the same breath.

Doing that would only cheapen her status.

By then, only she, Mu Yazhe, and Yun Shishi had yet to appear according to the galas name list.

The person in charge of this red-carpet walk went over to invite her again.

She asked in return, “When is Yun Shishi coming”

“What do you mean”

“Ill follow behind her when its her turn.

This is an important event, so she shouldnt be the highlight; I should be the last to make a grand entrance with my celebrity status!”

The person in charge sniggered quietly in disdain.

How naïve!

Of course, that newcomer isnt the highly anticipated guest.

This starlet probably doesnt know that Ms.

Yun is taking the centerstage with Mr.

Mu Yazhe!

“Are you really not going in”

The person in charge lost his patience.

For the sake of inviting this grand dame onto the red carpet, he had made several trips back and forth since the start of the event.

Initially, he was polite with her, but with his patience exhausted, this would be the last time he would come forward if she still refused to cooperate!

Alas, the actress, who had made up her mind, made her stance clear to the person again.

“Ill enter the red carpet after Yun Shishis turn!”

The person had no choice but to step away.

She closed the car door and rolled her eyes.

Yun Shishi, who are you to fight with me

You have no track record yet!

The red-carpet ceremony had almost come to an end.

All media personnel present craned their necks in anticipation, waiting to see who would take the centerstage!

This fervor did not subside.

It was a rare fashion event in Italy.

This was the same for Mu Yazhe as this was his first time bringing a lady to Milans red-carpet affair.

As for Yun Shishi, she nearly suffocated in fear at the thought of appearing with him on camera in this fashion.

She clenched her chest with her hands as she stared at the lights flashing relentlessly on the red carpet.

There was an instance when all the bulbs went off at the same time, thereby transforming the night sky into daylight.

The man saw her taking a few deep breaths and smiled quietly to himself.

His icy eyes hinted of gentleness as he asked, “Are you nervous”

“A little!” she admitted.

It might be a shame to admit this, but it was her first time witnessing such a grand event.

The number of international media reporters alone stood at a few thousands.

This spoke of the majesty of this fashion gala.

The security had a hard time trying to maintain order with the packed and messy crowd.

“Dont be nervous.”


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