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1487 She wants to appear after her.

Qin Zhou was more than glad to see that this big boss was willing to walk with Yun Shishi down the red carpet!


If it was something that could boost his artists media presence, why should they not do it

If Mu Yazhe would be her partner and they attended the gala together, that would be a highly regarded matter.

It was not because of anything else but because of this mans remarkable reputation.

Moreover, he had never attended such a gala before.

This was probably the first and only time.

Just when the artist thought that her manager would flip out at the news, the latter broke into a huge grin as he rubbed his hands together.

His face was filled with excitement.

“Shishi, tonight you shall walk the red carpet with Chairman Mu.

Make sure you perform well! With him around, the headlines tomorrow will be exclusively yours.”

The corners of her lips twitched harshly.

She felt as if she had been sold away.

It was as if having her man meant that they owned the whole world…

At the gala of Milan Fashion Week.

As the most esteemed guest invited by the organizers, Mu Yazhe was naturally planned to be the entrance finale.

Because of him, the woman was now arranged to be in the finale instead of entering in the first half of the show.

They had just approached autumn.

Therefore, the weather was rather cold.

Especially once night arrived, the cold wind that blew was chilly to the bones.

When they left, Qin Zhou specially provided her with a velvet outerwear to fight the cold winds.

Although the weather was chilly, the atmosphere on the red carpet was sizzling.

It was a fiery competition between celebrities as female stars exerted all efforts to be the most gorgeous and attract all the cameras to them.

Under the constant flashes of light, celebrities struck different poses, stroked their hair coquettishly while playing with the fabric of their outfits in any way possible!

The Bentley was parked not far from the entrance.

As they were set for the final walk, Yun Shishi was unable to enter the scene yet.

She could only sit in the car and wait while watching what was going on through the window.

She watched speechlessly.

Why was there so little fabric on those female celebrities bodies

Some even wore see-through clothes, which only hid a few important places on their bodies.

In the chilly wind, they were still extending their limbs comfortably, constantly displaying various elegant poses.

They looked so cold…

The side of her lips twitched furiously.

Usually, the red carpet was a war zone.

Female stars poured all their hearts into their getup for this moment to attract the eyes of the crowd.

The local and international media was stationed around the red carpet, and it was crowded to the brim.

With just one look, the pool of black was actually made up of human heads.

The only time she had ever walked on the red carpet was during the yearly Huanyu gala.

However, Huanyus event could not even compare to Milans fashion gala.

It was larger in scale with a lot more journalists.

Being able to leave a name on the red carpet was more useful than filming a few more shows.

At the same time as they were waiting, there was someone else silently competing with them.

Han Yuyan was hiding in her car and refusing to alight.

According to the organizers plans, she should have already arrived for the red carpet.

However, she refused to get out of the vehicle despite the repeated urges from this red carpets organizing team.

She paid no attention to them as she continued to stay put in the car.

This was because she had yet to see Yun Shishi walking the red carpet!

That b*tch is no more than a newcomer, yet shes thinking of being the last to arrive

Dream on!

As long as she was not walking the red carpet, she would not appear!

At worst, we will just be at a loss.

Lets see who loses more than the other!

Moreover, based on their experiences, she should appear after that newbie.

She had been an actress for many years.

How was it logical that she was behind that artist in terms of experience



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