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Chapter 1486 Do you not want the media ratings

“Youre going… tonight”

Yun Shishi examined him and the formal suit he was wearing.

She had not realized it earlier, but she wondered now why he was impeccably dressed.

Did he also receive an invitation for the gala

Mu Yazhe acknowledged with a cool hum.

“Be my partner for the night.”

Stunned, she then recalled that Gu Xingze had invited her to walk the red carpet with him, so she replied, “That… I cant.”



“Why not”

He was unable to accept her answer.

“Give me a reason!”

She only gave him an elegant smile as she teased, “Mr.

Mu, I already have a date.”

“Thats considered a reason” The man snorted coldly.

“Reject it!”

Of course, he knew that Gu Xingze would invite his woman to walk the red carpet with him tonight, but would he allow such a thing to happen

Tonight, only two scenarios could occur.

It was either she walked the red carpet with him or she could forget about attending the gala as she would be tied up and sent back home on a plane.

A simple yet brute method.

His woman another mans date at the gala

How could he just sit around and not do anything!

She was exasperated.

“You left your company behind and came to Milan just to meddle”

Mu Yazhe: “Because there are always some people who lack self-awareness and lust after my woman, I dont feel assured.”

His blatant words caused her face to burn.

She narrowed her eyes and let out a helpless laugh.

“Chairman Mu, arent you just overthinking things Who would dare to lust after your woman Do you suffer from paranoia”

He stood up suddenly and walked up to her.

He leaned over and hugged her waist with one arm, pulling her against him.

She fell into his embrace.

He whispered into her ear, “Im going to give you two choices: Either you walk the red carpet with me or pack your bags and head back.

You decide!”

“Youre threatening me!” She glared at him with hatred as she gritted her teeth furiously.

“What about it” He smiled provocatively and evilly.

“Bite me.”

The woman turned red from anger, only to hear the man continue with a noble and cool tone.

“Miss Yun, please dont live in the plenty without appreciating it.

Do you know how many female celebs are vying to walk the red carpet with me, yet I chose you Doesnt Qin Zhous team always want to blow up your media presence Isnt this a great chance to do so”

She narrowed her eyes at him.

He spoke slowly as if casting a spell to enchant her.

“Your manager wanted you to walk the red carpet with Gu Xingze to garner hype.

If thats so, wont I be a more suitable partner to boost your promotions”

Yun Shishi was rendered speechless.

Half an hour later, she was done with her styling.

As they walked out of the VIP room, they saw her manager smoking outside the door.

Seeing them walk together hand in hand, he choked on a puff of smoke.

What was with this situation

“Shishi, whats going on”

He was somewhat befuddled.

“Tonight, shes walking with me on the red carpet,” replied Mu Yazhe coldly.

Just as he said those words, the manager was completely stumped.


She would be walking the red carpet with Boss Mu


Did the sun just rise from the West

This man may be the big boss of Huanyu, but even after so many years, he had never once walked a woman on the red carpet.

He suddenly thought about the relationship between his artist and this man.


Guess its not much of a big surprise.

Isnt it normal for one to walk the red carpet with his wife


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