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Chapter 1484 I do not want.

Yun Shishi struggled against him, but in the next second, she was still taken.

After everything was over, she could only feel that her legs were weak to the point of being hardly able to stand.

Her heels went soft and she gritted her teeth.

She felt incomparably embarrassed and could only let her limp body rest in his embrace as she let him do as he pleased.

Mu Yazhe carried her to the couch and helped her clean her body carefully.

There was a basin in the fitting room.

Therefore, he took a hot towel and wiped her clean.

The woman suddenly recalled that he had not taken any safety precautions earlier.

She sat up and glared at him angrily.

“Hey! Earlier, you…”

Calm and unruffled by the chaos earlier, the man regarded her curiously.


“Did you… wear that” She blushed as she asked.

“No.” His righteous and confident tone was vile to the extreme.

She flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“No! Why didnt you use protection”

With that, she began counting seriously with her fingers.

“The last time I had my period was… The safe time should be…”

After counting for a long while, she slapped her forehead harshly and said in distress, “Im not on my safe period today!”

Thinking about it, she had on a look as if she were dead.

“Forget it!”

The corners of Mu Yazhes lips were about to curve up when he heard her mull seriously, “I think Ill buy contraceptives later.”

The man was instantly furious.


Yun Shishi argued back just as strongly.

“What do you meanno! I dont want to be pregnant again, and you didnt take any safety measures.”

“Its not good for your body to take pills,” he replied ambiguously.

In all honesty, though, he had done it on purpose.

The two-faced man had actually been aiming for this unsafe period!

The woman refuted in an unpleasant tone, “Youre being unreasonable.

If you took the necessary safety precaution, would I need to take contraceptives If I dont, itll be really risky! Today is during my unsafe period…”

“What are you afraid of!”

He furrowed his brows, annoyed by her making a fuss out of nothing.

“Its not like I wont be responsible for anything that happens.”

She was flabbergasted, only to hear him say, “If you get pregnant again, you can rest at home and focus on caring for our baby.”

He dreamed of having another child with her again—hopefully, a little princess.

He dreamed that she could give birth to a daughter for him.

He loved daughters.

If she gave birth to a girl, he would shower that baby with so much love and care.

The woman was stunned for a long time before she said firmly, “I dont wanna.”

“You dont” His eyes narrowed dangerously as his expression turned furious.

“Why should I give birth to another child for you Oh, did you think you could just have a child because you wanted it You didnt even ask me for my opinion.

I dont wanna have another baby!” she said unhappily.

The man grabbed her lower jaw.

“You dont wanna”

This woman was unwilling to give birth to his child

“Yes, Im unwilling,” she mumbled.


“There isnt a reason!” She was silent for a moment before she continued.

“My career has just taken off.

I want to focus on it for now and put everything else on hold.

About having another kid—we can discuss it some other time.”


“Do you mean your so-called career as in acting or do you mean like today, where you dress splendidly to be chased by the paparazzi and fellow stars” he retorted unhappily.

If these were what she meant by career, he hated it.





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