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1480 An upright person does not fear slander.


“Woo woo woo…”

She started to bawl with grave grievances.

Her mistress looked at her sternly and scolded, “How dare you start crying now! You have no right to cry when you have done something wrong!”

With that, she dragged and shoved her assistant before Yun Shishi.

“Youd better stop crying and apologize to her!”

“Woo woo woo… sorry! Sorry…”

Given with no choice, she sobbed and apologized to the newcomer.

The latter stood frigidly and looked at this one-of-the-kind master-servant pair without expression.

Everyone here knew very well that the actress had made use of her assistant.

Unfortunately, the actress went ahead to make the junior a scapegoat before they could force the truth from the young lady who had willingly undertaken the blame.

Lin Zhi saw the frosty look on the newbies face and slapped her assistant again.

“What a lame apology! Can you be more sincere Now, kneel and apologize to her until shes willing to forgive you!”

Even though the assistant was very reluctant to do that, she could not go against her mistresss command.

She started to kowtow to the newbie for forgiveness.

Bang, bang, bang—

Her head knocked against the ground loud and clear with every word of apology.

“Im sorry; I was wrong…

“Im sorry; please forgive me…

“Im sorry; I know Im really wrong…”

With her arms folded across her chest, the vicious woman stood like an empress behind her assistant and watched with much satisfaction at the way the latter was kowtowing to her competitor.

The said competitor only found the woman disgusting to look at from every angle.

Clearly, she was the mastermind here, yet she could be so quick to push the blame on another person.

She was incapable of committing such a lowly act.

The thought that this scheming opponent almost got her hands on her nude photos made her shudder.

She could not believe a person would do such a thing as secretly taking her pictures while she was undressing; it was fortunate that Mu Yazhe had foiled their evil plan in time.

She also blamed herself for her carelessness in letting someone take photos of her secretly when she was undressing.

Worse still, she was unaware of it the whole time.

Apparently, the entertainment industry had no lack of conniving characters, who would use ruthless means to harm others.

“Its enough; dont stand in front of me and do such a thing.

I wont forgive you two.”

She made her stance clear to both of them.

Lin Zhis expression changed immediately and she hastily explained, “Shishi, what do you mean by not forgiving us both”

“You should know very well what I mean, shouldnt you” She scoffed.

“Weve been taught that fiendish people are best to be left alone.

Just because I give a way out for you today doesnt mean that Im a pushover! If this happens again, Ill expose your underhanded actions to the media!”

“You—” Her competitors eyes glinted, ready to retaliate, but when she caught sight of the mens icy looks from her periphery, she forcibly suppressed her fury.

“Let me make this clear to you! Im not behind Xiao Lings action! Save your insinuations for when you have proof of my wrongdoing! An upright person doesnt fear slander; you can say what you want, but my conscience is clear!”

With that, she turned and gave her assistant a kick.

“Why are you still on your knees Lets go!”

The woman was still sobbing when she got up, but before she left, she glanced hatefully at Yun Shishi and then followed her mistress out of the door!

The artist was rendered speechless.

She had met thick-skinned people, but this woman here was worse than any she had seen before!

How disconcerting!

Mu Yazhe walked up to her and sized her up before chiding with furrowed brows, “Why were you so careless to give your enemy a chance”

She stuck out her tongue ruefully.

“It slipped my notice!”

Flick! The mans finger flicked the woman on her glabella reproachfully.





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