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1479 Made a Scapegoa

She initially assumed that her mistress would help her out, but apparently, she was ultimately out to put all the blame on her head!

At that very moment, she felt wronged and disappointed, which she could not put to words.

“Speak! Was it you Did you do it!”

Lin Zhis eyes were sharp and piercing as she questioned her assistant.

She was a competent actress in the first place, and this was clearly evident in her interrogation, which was filled with utter disappointment and heartache.

Xiao Ling looked on with wide, open eyes helplessly as she stood gaping at the sudden change in her mistresss attitude!

She was surrounded by a group of hostile people and her mistress was the only one on her side, yet even she had turned against her.

She was scared stiff by the stern confrontation.

What is this

Why is she behaving like this Why is she interrogating me so fiercely

I did this because you told me to, didnt I

With the matter going awry, not only did her mistress fail to relieve her of the blame, she even made a scapegoat for her.

It was a grave injustice which was wrongly put on her!

Her master could hardly be blamed for not helping her, though.

The assistant was caught red-handed so how would she help her get off the hook Even if she wanted to do so, it would just likely implicate her in the process.

The actress knew how to read the situation well; hence, once she saw danger approaching, she made a quick escape by herself, instead.

One could not help admiring her shrewdness in this manner!

Qin Zhou narrowed his eyes dangerously at the actress; doubts clouded his mind even as the actress tried to keep her reputation at bay.

It was easy to tell that her assistant had done this under her instruction; otherwise, the woman did not seem gutsy enough to come up with such a daring plan.

From a corner where no one was looking, the actress, using her gaze, tried to signal her assistant to play along with her.

Unfortunately, the latter was too troubled to catch her signal.

The assistants shoulders hung low as she looked at the rival artists manager with a sullen expression and sized up Mu Yazhes fearsome look.

Terrified, she stammered defensively, “I-I… No, I really didnt…”

Yun Shishi rebutted disdainfully, “I saw the images in your phone; theres no point denying your action.”

Her agent grilled, louder and more sternly than ever.

“Why did you do this Where did you get the idea to take her nude pictures Who gave you the instructions to do this!”

Retracting her shoulders fearfully, she unconsciously swept a glance at her mistress.

The actress fumed when she realized that her assistant was about to betray her.

She hurriedly cut in with a fierce rebuke.

“I didnt expect you to be so vicious, and you actually still have the guts to deny your wrongdoing! Why did you take nude pictures of her!”

“I… Zhizhi, you…”

Feeling aggrieved and scared, she was about to implicate her mistress unconsciously.

Seeing that the matter was about to get out of hand, she hastened her steps forward and sent two loud, clear slaps across her assistants face!

“You disappointed me! I didnt expect you to be so unscrupulous!”

The womans cheeks burned hot from the two harsh slaps.

With her face tilting sideway from the impact, she stared at the actress with astonishment as she unconsciously held her cheeks with her hands.

She did not expect her mistress to be such a person…

The assistant had prided herself on her loyalty all along, yet at this critical moment, her mistress had made her the scapegoat with nil redemption.



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