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Chapter 1475 Spine-chilling Methods

With a baleful laugh, she shot a look in the direction of Yun Shishis changing room before carefreely strolling back to her room to do her hair.


Arent you feeling smug, b*tch

Lets wait and see how you can continue acting lawless in your managers absence!

Her assistant, Xiao Ling, had been with her since her debut.

She was especially nimble in her work, would share the same common enemies with her, and was especially scheming.

Previously, the second female lead stole Lin Zhis limelight in a period drama she had acted in.

Under her orders, her assistant then secretly dragged that second female lead to a hotel and beat the lights out of her.

She even stripped her bare and took plenty of indecent photos of her, which were afterward used to threaten the actress, demanding that she give in to her mistress at all times.

As a fresh art school graduate, that second female lead had no power, influence, background, or backer.

Her acting was not bad, considering that she had majored in acting.

Even though she played only a supporting role, that role did not come easy, and she was very careful when acting.

As compared to other actresses, she was a rather innocent young woman.

She was scared witless at having been threatened.

As such, she really behaved exactly how Lin Zhi wanted her to in the production team and regarded her as a living Buddha.

These were nothing, though.

Whenever the female main lead received a scolding from the director, she would vent her frustrations on her.

The methods used were extremely vile.

Putting aside the heinous acts, that actress was once told to lick her bare feet clean after she came back from the production team, enraged.

How extreme was that

Lin Zhi actually dared to make such a demand.

The shocked young womans reluctance to comply resulted in the senior actress summoning her assistant and the poor woman receiving another round of beating.

Only then did she obediently comply and submit herself to her out of excessive concern over maintaining a clean image.

Not only did she lick her feet clean, she even forced herself to drink mouthfuls of the dirty water used to wash the feet.

The entire process was filmed by Xiao Ling.

When she appeared at the set the next day, the director assumed the bruises on her arms and shoulders were a result of the dirty things she had done and, hence, kicked her out of the production team forsleeping around.

She was, in fact, rather pitiful.

She had the looks, potential, and was kind-hearted.

If not for Lin Zhi, she might probably shoot to fame.

Alas, she quit showbiz and vanished after the drama was broadcasted.

With her good looks, she later found and married a wealthy businessman.

The news of her marriage unfortunately reached the senior actresss ears.

Thus, the latter emailed the young womans indecent photos to her husband and lied that she was kicked out from the production team after the director discovered that she wassleeping around.

The businessman got furious by the news and ended their six-month marriage with his wife.

Right after, she hooked up with that businessman via the virtue of dirty tricks.

Through her sugar daddy, she then got hold of some valuable resources, got to know a director, and shot to fame after appearing in that directors drama.

The reason why Mu Xi was previously a fan of hers was that the actress always presented a pure and beautiful image of herself in front of the camera.


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