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Chapter 1474 Want Her Disgraced

Apparently, at the mention of the ace manager, she knew that she really could not underestimate his resources and, hence, kept mum.

A Milan Fashion Shows banquet was scheduled that night of Louis Vuittons special stage, which would be held at the famous art shrine, Royal Palace of Milan.

Not only was it the seat of government in the Italian city of Milan for centuries before, it had currently become an important cultural center with a glorious history, creating new wonders to the art scene.

The guests who would be attending the banquet that night were all famous and influential figures from a variety of fields and industries.

World-class models, top international fashion experts, Italian designers, Milan Fashion Week organizers, top designers, and such would all be present.

The guest line-up for the banquet comprised the rich and the famous.

Even the top domestic artists were on the list of invited.

Lin Zhi was so excited that she almost shed tears at her painstakingly obtained entry ticket.

It was a great honor for any artist to be invited to the Royal Palace fashion banquet!

It was akin to taking a step into the fashion worlds star-studded Hall of Fame.

As one of Louis Vuittons engaged artists, she rushed to the studio to do her styling.

Hence, another unexpected encounter was inevitable between her and Yun Shishi.

At the sight of her, Qin Zhou instantly switched into his sarcastic mode.

“Oh, my.

Who is this I dont remember her name; what is it, again Shishi, is her name on the invited guest list for tonights banquet”

His charge feigned ignorance, too.

“I dont recall seeing it.”

“Oh, dear! Look at my poor memory; how could I have forgotten For tonights banquet, only invited guests and media partners will be present.

While the former are VIPs invited by the officiating host, the media partners… well, some people, who didnt receive an invitation card, will sneak into the venue in the name of representing a media organization.”

He paused and then sneered.

“No wonder I didnt see her name on the invited guest list! It turns out that someone has snuck in here in the name of representing a media org!”

That statement dealt a heavy blow to Lin Zhi.

Despite her face darkening into an awful shade, she feigned gracefulness as she argued, “You must be mistaken, Mr.

Qin! Im here as the spokesperson of Louis Vuittons new spring collection; its nothing like what youve just said!”

The man, however, gave an indifferent laugh.

“Oh, my.

Look at you getting all smug just for being the brands new spring collection spokesperson; how impressive!”

Left completely speechless, she wanted to rebut but found all her arguments unable to hold water in front of the man.

No longer wanting to humiliate herself in front of this man, she stomped her feet angrily on the ground and left to change into her gown.

Yun Shishi secretly thought to herself, Even after seeing so much of the outside world, my managers tongue is still the most poisonous one of all!

“Hurry up and change!” chided her manager.

She, thus, entered the changing room with the assistant holding her gown.

After taking a look at the time on his watch, he walked to the balcony and made a phone call to the superstar to arrange their meeting time.

Lin Zhi came out from the changing room once she was done putting on her gown.

Upon seeing that the manager was absent and her nemesis was still in the changing room, she suddenly came up with a scheme.

She, therefore, summoned her assistant and whispered in her ear, “Remember: Act fast while Qin Zhous not here.”

“I got it; dont worry!” The assistant confidently patted her chest.





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