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1468 Put on her clothes for her.

He sized up her fiendish-looking eyes and muttering lips as the rumbling of her tummy drifted into his ears.


The rumbling grew stronger as if her tummy were begging for mercy.

This, coupled with the womans grim and tangled expression, inexplicably tickled the man.

“Pfft!” He chortled instantly.

Indignant, she glared at him.

“What are you laughing about”

“Nothing much! Laughing at your stupidity.”

He glazed her brows indulgently.

“Stupid woman, cant you eat something if you are hungry”

“I want to eat, too,” she mumbled wryly, appearing to be like a grieving widow.

That only tickled him further.

Holding up her miserable-looking face and rubbing it lightly, he asked, “Why dont you eat if you want”

“Qin Zhou wont allow me.” She was so upset that she betrayed her manager slashcomrade in her publicity campaign.

Mu Yazhe was vexed.

“He wont allow Why not”

“Hes worried that Ill get a poochy tummy if I eat; if so, I wont be able to wear the gown for tomorrows banquet,” she confessed.

Her manager did this for her good.

The fact had proved him to be right.

This morning when she tried on the gowns sponsored by the brand, she would not have fit in if her tummy was a little rounder and fuller.

It was a close call.

As for the gown sent by her brother, amazingly, it left some breathing space for her.

Oh, thats right.

Gong Jie picked the measurement based on her size that he eyeballed.

Besides, under thepatient coaching of her agent, she had slimmed down tremendously in the last few days.

The man was annoyed when he heard her explanation, though.

This Qin Zhou, what does he think hes doing!

No wonder her waist felt so flimsy under my arms earlier!

With her pared down waist, he even wondered if he would break her spine if he exerted a little more pressure!

“Youre forbidden from fasting, understand” He rubbed her face lightly and vigorously.

“Do you not eat when he tells you not to do so”


“Why are you so obedient in front of others You do whatever he says, then”

Yun Shishi: “…”

“Stupid woman!”

Pausing momentarily, he reached his big palm and slapped her on the butt.

“Get up; well get food!”

Saying that, he picked up the bathrobe he had thrown at the side earlier, reached out his slender and long arm, and pulled her into his embrace.

With a hand holding her, the other busied with donning the bathrobe on her.

He had never done this for anyone before; hence, his action was rather clumsy.

She blushed instantly!

Watching this man dress her personally, she wondered if this was truly the domineering Mu Yazhe that she knew.

Pondering with pouty lips, she had a feeling that he was treating her like a kid all this time.

She looked up and was mesmerized by his perfectly chiseled face.

His profile looked so good and captivating from every angle.

This man seemed to gather all of gods favor, and it was quite unbelievable that this perfect specimen would choose to spend the rest of his life with her… right

Hes my man…

These four words made her heart pound faster and harder.

She would not have imagined this to be possible in the past…

Putting aside his tyranny and overbearing behavior, there did not seem to be other shortcomings.




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