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Chapter 1464 He is really upset!

While she was blow drying her hair, he waited for her in the bedroom.

Right then, her phone lit up with a WeChat notification.

Someone had just sent her a message.

The sender was none other than Gu Xingze.

From his periphery, he could see the superstars name.

Out of curiosity, he unlocked her phone and read the message.

This was despite knowing full well that his action bordered on infringing upon her privacy.

Still, it would not have mattered if the message had come from anyone else.

The name, Gu Xingze, however, left a bitter taste on his tongue.

Even now, he could not forget what had happened that day.

During a certain filming ofThe Green Apple, he witnessed her kissing him affectionately on the cheek from the doorway.

What the woman did not know was how much he had shook in anger from having seen that scene.

Being a clean freak for romance, he wished not to see her being intimate, be it physical or emotionally, with anyone else but him.

His possessiveness for her ran deep.

Even if it was just acting, kissing and hugging were out of the question!

Having specially returned from abroad, he nearly exploded from the anger welling up in his chest at that sight.

He fought hard to rein in his anger and not make a scene right there and then.

Nonetheless, the struggle and agitation in the superstars eyes when he hugged his woman was still deeply imprinted in his mind.

Men understood men the best.

He could tell that the actor had feelings for his woman—feelings that were complicated.

The superstar acted exceptionally well in that scene, fully bringing out Yin Dongyus hesitancy and strong mixed emotions.

Was it really his exceptional acting, though

He did not think so!

Although words might be able to deceive people, the emotions in the actors eyes, at that time, could not!

While others did not realize it, Mu Yazhe saw through him and knew what the other man felt for his woman!

That guy liked her.

In fact, it probably could not simply be defined aslike anymore!

The superstars feelings for her could not be hidden from him at all!

His feelings had transcended mere fondness.

The scene of the actor passionately singing and playing the piano for her in the first segment ofThe Love Diary was still fresh in his mind.

Touched by his passionate singing, Yun Shishi and those present could not help shedding tears.

He, however, knew that the man had poured all of those complicated feelings for her into his singing.

That man must be guarded against!

When he clicked on the WeChat message, what he saw was: [Shishi, pick a gown from the two I sent you for tomorrows red carpet, alright Im sure youll look stunning in it.]

His eyes instantly dimmed, enraged by that message.

Gu Xingze sent a gown, too

Is he still hoping for something from her

His excessive concern for her had exceeded the distance colleagues should have!

What about her

Will she agree to it

Will she wear his gown to the red carpet

D*mn it!

He was really upset that so many people were pining for his woman!

At the thought of this, Mu Yazhe channeled all his anger and frustration into their intimate session.

He seemed to have completely turned into a beast which was intent on devouring the woman clean.




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