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Chapter 1458 Occupied Sea

Her expression turned ugly.

The moment she thought of how Yun Shishi would be stealing all the limelight during this Fashion Week, she was furious enough to smash her mobile phone.

The fashion show was about to begin.

There was nothing Lin Zhi could do.

She looked high and low before she found the huge Karl Lagerfield puppet in the venue and reluctantly took a photo with it to prove her attendance here.

Qin Zhou and his charge had arrived at the scene and were prepared to take their seats under the arrangement of their representative brands PR.

She was arranged to sit at the front, which was this prestigious fashion shows VIP section.

Alas, as Yun Shishi walked over to her assigned seating, she noticed a problem.

Her seat was being occupied by someone else, and it was by an extremely familiar face.

Li Mengqi.

An international supermodel and Louis Vuittons former spokesperson.

She was stunned for a moment, believing that she had gone to the wrong seat, but after looking at it carefully, she became certain.

Her seat was occupied.

The VIP section here was a symbol of ones status.

Big brands were aware that mainland China was the future for many luxury goods.

Winning the favor of female celebrities from that country was important for their PR activities.

Being able to sit in the first row was an extremely well-regarded matter.

Many female artists wished that they could have this honor, but not anyone was able to do so.

Sitting in the front row and who they sat with became a point of comparison for every actress.

For example, being able to sit with Hollywood stars had an extremely important significance.

Sitting beside the present bigwig in the fashion industry, the American Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna, was also another person many artists had their eye on.

However, for those who did not manage to clinch this seat, they would think of the most despicable schemes.

An example was rushing to the fashion show early and tearing off the name tag from a front-row seat.

Usually, when the actual occupants arrived to find someone else ending up in their seats and seeing that the entire venue had already dimmed the lights for the show was about to start, they could not say much but just squeeze in with the interlopers.

This was what Li Mengqi had done exactly.

Arriving early at the fashion-show venue and seeing an unfamiliar name tag on one of the seats in the front row, she tore it off without hesitation and sat down with a clear conscience.

“Hi, there.

This seat belongs to me,” said Yun Shishi politely.

The other, alas, pretended as if she did not hear her words as the woman disregarded her and kept staring forward.

She reminded her again.

“This young lady here, this seat you are sitting is mine.

Could you please move”

Her voice was now slightly louder.

Seeing that the woman continued to ignore her presence, she repeated herself in English.

As she raised her voice, she inadvertently attracted the attention of those nearby and they looked over.

Only then did Li Mengqi raise her head.

She then retorted nonchalantly, “This may be your seat, but I dont see your name written on it.”

The mockery in her words was as plain as day.

Yun Shishi was rendered completely speechless.

The woman obviously did not know her.

Being a supermodel who was constantly expanding her name on the international runway and due to her hectic schedule, she did not receive an invitation card.

Thus, she hurried down to the fashion-show venue early to occupy a seat.

When she saw that the seat besideHan Yuyan had an unfamiliar name, she did not think much about it before ripping off the name tag.

Yun Shishi could tell that she was feigning cluelessness and suddenly let out an elegant and appropriate smile for the occasion.

“Im not as stupid as you to mistake my seat.

If you are adamant on taking this seat, I should probably let the brands PR be the judge of this.

What do you think”





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