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Chapter 131: Mother and son’s face


 Is he saying that I am a fake noble and Gu Xingze is the real deal

Qin Zhou was known as the Thunderous ACE Manager of the Universal Entertainment Company.

His number one well-written skill is his poisonous tongue that was as fast as a machine gun.

Gu Xingze was a pure boy before.

But, ever since he followed Qin Zhou, he got influenced and now he turns into a first class black-bellied man.

Shao Dong’s internal organs almost bleed.

But, what Qin Zhou had said is a known fact so he cannot refute him.

Yun Shishi who has a smiling face before and who was standing in front of the dressing room’s mirror turn stiff like a stone.

She felt too embarrassed with the current atmosphere.

Gu Xingze looked at him coldly and said: “You’re not worthy of starting an arguments with me.”

Shao Dong’s was about to burst in anger.

But suddenly, the door was pushed open and an unexpected voice interrupted him on time.

“Today is really lively ah.” a proud voice of a woman sounded near the door.

Everyone turn their head and looked to the door.

They saw Mu Wanrou was wearing a soft cut noble black dress.

She looks very elegant and capable.

And when they look at her, they saw a man was standing near her.

At that time, they all got surprised.

The man that was standing behind her was wearing a tailored handmade suits, his hands are placed inside his pocket, he looks tall and his style looks like an elite noble from an empire.

His face looks very young, it seems he’s around twenty-five years old or something.

But, why his temperament looks extremely mature and heavy

Such mature temperament is not simply for appearance sake.

But rather it is his natural character from the inside.

He looks so calm and arrogant, just like a king of a country. 

Especially, his hidden pair of deep charming eyes and his angular face that looks actually breathtaking.

With such a man standing below a magnificent wall lamp,  his air looks more haughty and oppressive.

Even Gu Xingze felt his oppressive air for a bit.

Everyone’s expression on their face looks different.

Especially, Yun Shishi’s face that was wearing a makeup and looks as beautiful as a painting now turn pale.

She suddenly looks sad and hides behind Gu Xingze as if she was avoiding something.

The oppressive man suddenly met her eyes and in a flashed his eyes change its expression, but soon it turns back.

Behind him, there was a boy that was wearing a small suit.

His small face looks very handsome but looks very cold and unruly.

Is he … … Little Yichen!

Yun Shishi’s eyes instantly fell on that small child’s body and her lips somehow started trembling. She bites her lips tightly, but suddenly, Little Yichen’s cold line of sight swept in her.

Yun Shishi got panic, she immediately turns her head and no longer looks at him.

Little Yichen’s heart beats increase abnormally.

That woman is really strange! Whenever I see her, why she acts unnaturally

Is she avoiding me

When they saw the little guy, everyone’s facial expression also looks different.

Mu Yichen is the young master of Mu consortium.

But, Mu Yazhe is over protective of him.

So, even veteran paparazzi were having a lot of difficulties just to capture an image of him.

Nobody has ever seen Little Yichen’s actual face.

However, in the entertainment circle rumors spread that Little Yichen is not Mu Wanrou’s biological son.

Mu Wanrou was diagnosed as infertile.

Four famous doctors even tried to use a test-tube baby, but they still failed.

The doctor said she really lost her chance to give birth.

And if they blindly tried artificial insemination, her body won’t be able to handle the pain and her body may even collapse.

It’s very sad, but Mu Wanrou had to accept the reality.

And that is why Little Yichen’s mother is someone else.

Although this real event is still tightly blocked, but someone from their house leaked some information.

And at that time, Mu Wanrou got an outrage.

When Qin Zhou and others saw Little Yichen, they all felt surprised.

After all, Mu Yazhe has been hiding his image for six years and he never let him get expose in the media.


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