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Chapter 1428 You are my keyword.


This song was not in the script at all.

It was Gu Xingzes arrangement.

Not even the director expected him to prepare a song for Yun Shishi.

Still, the recorded outcome would certainly be excellent.

She could not help but be entranced and moved as she silently listened to the song while gazing up at his gentle side profile.

Fragmented memories flashed before her eyes.

Suddenly, she recalled him standing before her, clutching her shoulders uncontrollably as he carefully probed,Is it impossible for me

‘Must it be him Couldnt it be me

‘I can do whatever Mu Yazhe is able to do! I can provide you with whatever he can provide.

Those that he cant give or promise you, I can offer them to you, too.

‘So, couldnt it be me

His gaze was so fragile that it seemed as if it could burst like a bubble upon touch.

‘Shishi, I really like you.

‘You dont have to avoid me deliberately!

‘Like and dislike are two distinct things; I dont like to suppress my feelings.

‘I like you; should you change your mind, Ill be here waiting.

Im not forcing you to like me, so you need not avoid me like this, okay

‘At least, allow me to like you.

Let me silently protect you…

She returned to her senses at this point, feeling unconsciously emotional from his singing.

She could hear the love hidden in his heart from his voice.

Her heart suddenly ached and felt constricted.

She could feel his determination to protect her silently.

She recalled how he would usually treat her with somewhat indifference and aloofness.

His gentle smile was also one from a senior to a junior.

However, nothing could mask that bleak misery in his singing voice.

She knew then, the man never truly let go of his feelings for her.

By burying those feelings deep within, he hoped that she would not feel burdened by them.

Mu Xi, on the sidelines, was also shocked.

He sang so passionately that all his feelings were poured into the lyrics; those eyes, in particular, brimmed with emotions.

She reckoned that he had someone in his heart whom he loved dearly!

“The hidden meaning of the song is a special noun

The fallen leaves pen out a poem

Our story is starting to unfold

This is the first time

Ive experienced love that can be so generous yet selfish

Youre my keyword…”

Gu Xingze stood up at the end of his song with his gaze on Yun Shishi, only to see her eyes moisten.

A tear rolled down her cheek when she blinked.

She gradually regained her senses and was surprised to find herself moved to tears.

He walked toward her and picked up a napkin to dab the tears away.

She looked up smilingly at him and applauded.

“Thank you! You sang so well that I was moved to tears…”

His lips curled up helplessly as he stroked her head, looking at her with loving eyes.

“Little fool.”

The actress assistant could not help screaming uncontrollably at this!

Ah, ah, ahhhh! Xingze has such an explosive boyfriend charm!

How gentle he is!

Woo… wooo! Should such a perfect Greek god sing a song for me, Id surely wake up laughing!






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