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Chapter 1422 Threatening Letter 

In this war without smoke, whoever had better support and stronger influence would get a chance to appear in the drama.

This was a cruel and practical world.

She suddenly realized how formidable her agent was.

She was a newcomer who managed to clinch a major role inThe Green Apple, and now, there wasLethal Beauty.

Putting aside the topic of her ability, she knew, deep down, that she would not have appeared in these two top shows if not for Qin Zhous resources.

Without the support from her agent and the director, she might not have appeared in that upcoming movie.

Similarly, her manager was so good that he almost got her the lead role in the drama.

Alas, she preferred the role of the supporting character with a villainous personality and wanted to tackle the challenge of depicting it.

Her agent was, thus, a little disappointed with her decision.

She knew very well that this was what she wanted and would never regret it!

Acting was more than a job to her; it was her interest.

She looked forward to challenging every terse role.

After the cast forLethal Beauty had been selected, the kickoff ceremony would be held, and thereafter, she would have to get ready for the production.

However, before that, she would have to prepare forThe Love Diary, a reality show where she had a major appearance.

It was a live reality show on Chengguang Channel, which featured imaginary love.

In the show, famous celebrities would form pairs of fictitious lovers to go through imaginary dates.

Within a week of broadcast, the first pair of fictitious lovers had quickly topped the charts for reality-show appearances.

She and Gu Xingze had been arranged to be the second pair.

The program team held high hopes and ambition for this pairing and saw them as a guarantee for high viewership rating.

The script for this reality show was sent to her inbox two days ago.

To prepare her for this reality show, Qin Zhou made her cram the script and whipped up last-minute bootcamp training to cultivate her entertainment quotient.

In a reality show, it was not enough to look pretty.

The participants had to be entertaining, such as generating a buzz, gimmicks, and jokes.

Hence, a show like this would test the spontaneity and artistic ability of an artist.

She felt unwell the moment she got the script in her hand.

The thick binder was enough to make her go numb.

Flipping through the pages, she could see the attentive details highlighted by the team for her reference.

There were four segments in this program starting with the one on first love.

In here, the program had arranged the first meeting between the two imaginary lovers; this was where the two artists would kick-start the process of knowing each other.

The script for this segment was especially thick and heavy.

Although this was called a reality show, the characters were already pre-set by the program team.

In this show, she was to act as an innocent campus belle—sweet and kind…

In other words, she was to be a silly and cute girl.

Like a dumb blonde…


She was already a mother of two yet was given a role like this from the team; it felt like a joke gone wrong.

She took a look at the character design for Gu Xingze.

His character followed the trope of a sensitive new-age man.

A SNAG[1]!

Her face was void of expression by now…

The image of his typical, aloof look sprang into her mind.

This… Just take this as a young idol drama!

However, something terrifying happened before the production.

She received a threatening letter.

This was not new to her, though.

Once rumors about the superstar and her started circulating on Weibo, she started receiving a number of threatening letters from his fans.

In fact, there were too many.

While she could only bow in amazement to his uber-popularity, she could not help but be astounded by all the weird and fanciful threats his fans sent.

[1] SNAG is an acronym for sensitive new-age man



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